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How to avoid Cabin Fever staying indoors

A week at home with family can be as challenging as a week at sea.

But we’re Sea Cadets and we’re used to being at sea, confined to a ship's living quarters. In the spirit of sailors, here’s our advice to avoid cabin fever whilst you’re staying indoors. #LikeSailors

Look after yourself by eating well. Don’t forget to enjoy healthy home cooked meals. Share your cupboard cooking recipes from your galley with us @SeaCadetsUK on Instagram and TikTok, so we can help inspire each other.

Creative writing and journaling. Writing is one of the oldest pastimes for sailors. Have a go at some journaling, write down what you’re thankful for today, and list things you’ve achieved.

Take your Sea Cadets Physical Training to your home. Run through a session at home to keep active, and learn some new moves to turn into a routine.

Arts and Crafts: Turn your house into your own training ship, DIY your own coat of arms and choose a name with your family.

Stay in virtual contact with your friends. Reach out and lend an ear, to help you feel less isolated. But it’s good to remember to keep your screen time limited as you would during your usual routine.

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Katie Sewell's journey to the superyacht cadetship

Breaking the water – Former Sea Cadet, Katie Sewell, embarks as the only woman on UKSA’s Superyacht cadetship course.

Katie discovered her love of the water with Sea Cadets. Her journey started when she joined Sea Cadets Warsash (Southampton) aged 10. Now aged 18, she successfully secured a place on the UKSA’s Superyacht Cadetship course. The only woman out of 20 on the course.

She made the move from her hometown in Southampton to train in Palma Majorca.

Katie says she found herself in Sea Cadets inclusive environment.

“Sea cadets changed my life by allowing me have a group of friends separate to anything else in my life. I was always bullied at school and always left out and never invited to things so to be part of the most inclusive organisation there is, I felt at home.”

Katie was promoted to Petty Officer by the end of her time at Sea Cadets and was a finalist in the CVQO Westminster award, winning a place on a life changing trip to South Africa

Katie says, there was one volunteer in particular who inspired her to be who she is today.

“My Commanding Officer has had the most incredible impact on my sea cadet journey and my career now as an adult. Adam Travell was there to believe in me, reassure me, help me out and volunteer me with things that all helped me become a Petty Officer Cadet and a confident talkative young lady, without him I don’t know what I would be like or what I would be doing.”

Sea Cadets taught Katie about getting back what you put in. Something that we’re sure will set her up well for her future Superyacht career.

“I have learned that if you put work in you get so much out, of you help someone else they will help you and if you are a good person and show you are enthusiastic then good things will come your way. Sea cadets changed my life and I will forever be grateful for it. “

We’d like to wish Katie the best of luck with her exciting career on the water ahead!

Has a volunteer inspired you? Tell us all about them at:

Sea Cadet Lauren Farnham Running Marathon

Incredible Cadet Lauren's marathon run

Cadet Lauren is taking on a marathon to raise money for a new roof for Farnham Sea Cadets.

That’s right, Lauren is running a whole 26 miles, a challenge for adults, let alone a teenager!

In Lauren’s words, here’s why she’s running the marathon for Sea Cadets:

“Personally, joining Sea Cadets was one of the best things I have done; it has provided me with a confidence and experiences that just simply cannot be learnt within a classroom. it has provided me with an insight into Royal Navy life, and has helped me lose weight and gain a healthy life style, in just one year, I lost 7 stone. Now I am putting myself to the ultimate challenge; running a marathon so I can help those who may be future cadets.”

Help motivate Lauren on her run: Lauren’s JustGiving page

Sea Cadets Row 3000 fundraising challenge rowathon

Sea Cadets aged 11 - 18 Rowed the Atlantic!

Sea Cadets rowed the Atlantic (and back) in one weekend!

Over the weekend, 46 Sea Cadet units from across the UK collectively rowed 5,600 MILES on indoor rowing machines.

Our goal was the 3,000 miles of the Atlantic, amazingly, cadets smashed that target on day one!

We then set our sights on rowing there and back, ending up just 400 miles short: with a final total of 5,628!

Lucky cadets from north western area experienced the Row 3000 on board aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales when the ship made port in Liverpool last weekend. The atmosphere was super charged with support from the general public spectating as Sea Cadets from 4 different areas competed with each other in the row off.

Sea Cadets could also see their team miles on the live Atlantic map tracker, the competition was on!

Overall, team Beccles won the weekend – rowing 562 miles! The equivalent of rowing from London to Berlin.

The Row 3000 is a national effort to fundraise for the Sea Cadets bursary appeal and their local unit.

“Its good exercise and a great competition and mostly its great raising money for us as a unit and all the other units taking part”

-Cadet from Trafford Sea Cadets.

Support the Cadets incredible 48 hour double the Atlantic effort. Donate to a team on JustGiving here:  

Mark My Mighty Marathon

Amazing Mighty Marathoner Mark's story

3 weeks in and I have doubled the marathon distance plus some, crossing the 54miles mark in the Gym today!  I've also passed my personal fundraising target which was £10 per mile (£260) this week!! (Support Mark on his JustGiving page!)

Why did I decide to take on the challenge?  I have been conscious for a while now that I was putting on more and more weight and needing to get more active, In my day job I work 12hour shifts in Ambulance control and often getting in late in the evening (or Morning) dinner would be whatever was convenient, as opposed to healthy, and more often than no it would be what was delivered! As the District training Officer for London Western District I have regular interactions with almost 400 Cadets plus volunteers and I realised that it was time to start setting more of an example to them and to my own 4 year old son!

I started the Mighty Marathon Challenge on New Year’s Day, weighing in at 143.7kg/22st 9lb and 146cm around the middle, so far this month I have lost 6cm around the waist and have lost almost a stone and a half! Day one saw me taking my son for a walk to (and around) the park clocking up my first mile felt amazing!  I have built on this by visiting the Gym almost every day this month using a combination of static cycles and treadmill. I have also been using my 20 minute breaks at work to walk a mile at a time around the Waterloo area both in the middle of the day and during the night, Central London is surprisingly quiet at 4am. 

I haven't been alone in undertaking the challenge and have been supported by family, colleagues and friends as well as other volunteers: Cathal Hegarty from Richmond unit and Jessica Burton from Tooting unit, as group we all completed 26miles early into the challenge so set ourselves the goal to double it and today that happened (captured in the pic!) Thank you to all that have motivated, supported, donated and cheered me on I could not have done this without them.

“When you are tired, hurting, out of breath and struggling, dig deep find the courage and self-discipline to power through and little by little things get easier- and remember to stay hydrated!”

The My Mighty Marathon challenge ends in 2 days! Give them a boost and show support on JustGiving

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