Through our research and experience, Sea Cadets understands the challenges that young people face today – and how our work is helping them to launch well for life.

Our outcomes

Understanding the benefits of Sea Cadets and the unique impact it makes on young people is very important to us. We commissioned NPC to help us identify what these are and produce a clear picture of how we achieve this.

You can see this in the outcomes framework we developed here:

Our five key goals for young people:  

— Better attendance and engagement in school
— Improved post-16 destinations
— Long-term wellbeing
— Reduced risky/problem behaviours
— Increased participation in communities.

As a national youth charity, we are not alone in sharing these outcomes for young people.  

What is special about Sea Cadets is the intense effort the charity makes in working with young people, the structure we offer through the customs and traditions of the Royal Navy, which some youngsters love and some can't do without. And we wouldn't be Sea Cadets if we weren't on the water.

Taking this outcomes-focused approach highlights our commitment to meeting our long-term goals of making a positive, life-changing difference for all those we work with.

Sea Cadets survey

Our surveys help the charity to understand what's important to cadets, parents and volunteers, as well as helping us to spot themes or trends that are impacting on them - perhaps as part of what is going on in wider society. 

It takes place every two years and is helping us to map the impact we have on young people and volunteers and hear what they think of the charity and how it has helped them.

The latest survey found:

— After parents and friends, young people would go to an adult at Sea Cadets if they had a concern
— Young people are most concerned about school and the future
— Most Sea Cadets feel they have a lot to be proud of

Impact Report

This year we published our first ever Impact Report 'Sea Cadets - A Review of the Evidence', co-written by James Noble and Sarah Denselow of New Philanthropy Capital. The report highlights how Sea Cadets can have a positive influence on young people and can equip and support them to attain their aspirations in life.

Building from our 2021 Vision and Strategy and the Outcomes Framework. We commissioned New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) to compile and analyse new and existing evidence on the effectiveness of the Sea Cadets’ approach and impact on young people and society.

The Impact Report will be instrumental in giving us a platform to work with the wider public, sponsors and agencies, which in turn can translate into greater engagement and financial support. The report is now available here.

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