Coronavirus: Sea Cadets activity suspended

Unit parade nights are cancelled until further notice, and cadets are beginning to meet virtually with their units.

If you are looking to join Sea Cadets please use our unit finder to contact your nearest unit, they will respond directly. For more information on the charity’s response to Covid-19 please visit the link below.

Covid-19 update

You can find your local unit and their contact details by using our unit finder.

Our national headquarters, looking after all 400 Sea Cadets units across the UK, is in London.

General enquiries

Sea Cadets
202 Lambeth Road
0207 654 7000

Media enquiries

Director of Communications and Fundraising, Daniel McAllister:, 020 7654 7006

Senior Communications Officer (Media and PR), Chris Egerton, 020 7654 7019

Communications Manager (Marketing & Digital), Ed Meens:, 0207 654 7065

Fundraising enquiries
0207 654 7024

Support team
0207 654 7010

Ask the CEO

Got a question for our CEO Martin Coles? He'd be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you have. You can email him on:


If you have something urgent, outside of office hours, that needs reporting to HQ immediately.
0207 654 7070

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