Volunteers week 2021

Volunteer voices day

Today is volunteer voices day, not one volunteer experience at Sea Cadets is the same. Join the conversation on Facebook to hear from volunteers on what they do!

Today's volunteer spotlight is on Lt Cdr (SCC) Dave Finlay (pictured), nominated by Alfie Simpson at Derwenthaugh Boat Station, talked about Dave's considerable contributions and commitment over a number of years: 

“Dave ran a successful unit as Chief Officer of Ashington. He held the post of District Officer Northumberland before becoming the Chief Instructor at Derwenthaugh. Dave gives huge commitment to the Boat Station and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) last year. He has been instrumental in getting cadets out on the water during the pandemic when restrictions eased and activity was allowed.”

The RYA says that “Dave is determined to encourage confidence on the water and has always been very approachable. If you have a question, Dave is the one to ask.

As well as attending teaching most weekends he started a sailing development programme which proved very popular with the cadets, soon producing some young assistant instructors.

Now an RYA training centre, Derwenthaugh has helped cadets and staff from local units to become instructors as result of Dave’s programme. In addition, Dave helps other instructors host Marine Engineering courses."

BZ and thank you Dave for all you do for Sea Cadets.

Power of Youth

Power of Youth

We’re proud partners of Power Of Youth day, a celebration of the contributions young people make to society through volunteering and social action as part of Volunteers Week 2021.

Thousands of sea cadets contributed 38,563 days of volunteering to their communities in 2019 / 2020

Just one of those cadets is John Challenger (BEM), awarded the British Empire Medal for organising virtual activities that engaged 300+ cadets weekly, organising a forum for young people to share their stories and discuss issues they were facing to come up with solutions.

Watch John talk about the volunteering work here.

Volunteers' week 2021

Volunteers' week 2021

This Volunteers' Week 2021 we’re saying a massive thank you to our 9,000 volunteers.

We asked our cadets to send in nominations. Hear from Leading Cadet Gouge who nominated Sub-Lieutenant May from Teflord unit. (pictured)

“For Volunteers Week, I’d like to nominate Sub-Lieutenant May from Telford Unit. She is one of the best cadet staff I have ever met and has supported me through everything in my life in an outside of cadets. She never fails to motivate me and never fails to give me any advice when I need it and she is always there for me to talk to. She honestly saved my life in cadets and I don’t think I’d be where I am in the Corps without her. She dedicates so much time and effort to the unit and is honestly such a great attribute.”

Virtual Everest Challenge Finishers!

Virtual Everest Challenge Finishers!

The Virtual Everest Challenge has seen 100 cadets, volunteers and family members take part in reaching 8848m, the height of Mount Everest, through hiking, stair climbing and even upping the incline on a static bike. However they chose to complete the challenge over £11,000 has been fundraised and we are so proud of everyone who has taken part! Here are what some of the cadets had to say:

JCFC Oliver from Burton fundraised £200 – “I joined this challenge as I was looking for something to do during lockdown to keep active and thought this is a great way to raise money for the unit and Sea Cadets. I love climbing and one day hope to climb Mount Everest itself!”

Cadet Evan from Conwy County fundraised £100 – “The challenge built up my fitness and kept me motivated to do something through Covid lockdowns. It helped to raise money for Sea Cadets at the same time.”

“I've taken part in several challenges during the Covid-19 lockdown and have to say the Virtual Everest Challenge has been my favourite”

Monty is a Royal Marines cadet at TS Galloway in Preston who fundraised £100. He credits much of his achievements to the principles of integrity, determination, achievement & leadership embodied in the ethos of the Sea Cadets. “I've taken part in several challenges during the Covid-19 lockdown and have to say the Virtual Everest Challenge has been my favourite.”

JC Felix from Burton was determined to finish, that with 3 weeks to go he still had over 3800m still to do. His family told us: “We had to sit him down and say that, despite all his effort, Lockdown restrictions and illness had made it impossible, but we would explain and ask for an extension. He would not hear of it!! "I can do it, I know I can! Don't ask for an extension!" So after some calculations he decided that he would climb our stairs at home SIXTY times EVERY DAY for the remaining THREE weeks! He has 2 days left of his 12 weeks and his effort and persistence have been Herculean! This is the hardest challenge he has done but the summit is in sight!”

One cadet, Hannah from Farnham, Aldershot & Fleet, even had a very special donor! Her mum said: “The coolest thing about Hannah's fundraising was that she had a very special donor - Sir Chay Blyth CBE BEM! Sir Chay was the first person to sail single-handed non-stop westwards around the world, and mentor to the first woman to do the same. Over the past few years he has followed Hannah's sailing progress with the Sea Cadets including her voyages on TS Royalist, both yachts and TS Jack Petchey… awesome to have such a donor!”

A HUGE well done again to all those who have finished the challenge and a big good luck to those who are still going – you can do it! BZ.

First Sea Lord's Cadets for 2021

First Sea Lord's Cadets for 2021

Today we celebrated the investiture of our six new First Sea Lord’s Cadets for 2021. This year, owing to the lockdown, the ceremony was held virtually rather than the usual location of HMS Victory in Portsmouth. The First Sea Lord, Admiral Radakin CB ADC joined the cadets along with other Royal Navy cadets from the CCF and VCC as well as parents and guests on Zoom. During their year in the role the First Sea Lord’s Cadets will help to represent their peers on the National Sea Cadet Forum and as restrictions allow attend events to represent the Corps alongside the Royal Navy.

Congratulations to:

LC Erin, Southern

LC Shaun – London

Cdt Cpl Naomi – Eastern

LC Maren – Northern

LC Charlotte – South West

LC Brandon – North West

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