Gift Aid your donation and make your gift to Sea Cadets worth even more. At no extra cost to you.

Donation badge showing that 93 pence of every pound is used for charity

If you are a UK tax payer, you can make every £1 you give – or have given – worth 25p more, just by telling us. This is because the government’s Gift Aid scheme allows MSSC to reclaim tax on donations. This means that you can make an even bigger difference at no extra cost to you!

You can fill in the online Gift Aid form here and post it to:

202 Lambeth Road

Young junior Sea Cadet boy smiling


Could buy a unit a First Aid Kit to keep the cadets safe.

Teenage girl Sea Cadet smiling and saluting


Could give a struggling teenager two weeks’ of support to build their confidence.

Girl Sea Cadet smiling with her friend in uniform


Could give a teenager who has withdrawn from life a chance to connect with new friends in a supportive place for a month.

Sea Cadets experiencing a taster engineering course


Could cover the cost of sending a teenager who finds life at school hard on a taster engineering course run by Sea Cadets.

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