• Sea Cadets is led by the Government on medical advice for Covid-19. For the latest medical advice please check the NHS website here or call 111.

    • Please inform your unit CO as soon as possible so that we can do what we can to contain the spread within Sea Cadets.  

    • Yes. All events, competitions and activities have been cancelled or suspended until further notice.

    • No. All international Exchanges this year have now been cancelled. Further details have been communicated to all participants.

    • The national office has organised for key staff to meet on a daily basis to review and decide on appropriate actions to be taken that day across the Corps. Communications are sent to parents and guardians of cadets, all volunteers and staff on at least a weekly basis to keep them informed of changes and decisions.

    • Facemasks are deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and protect the wearer if in proximity to someone who is infected and can also protect others if you are infected with COVID 19.

      However; if you decide to wear a facemask it will only protect you if worn and disposed of correctly. The World Health Organisation provide guidance on when and how to wear facemasks and disposal once used.

      Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: When and how to use masks

      Be aware the criteria for wearing facemasks may change so please keep up to date on current guidance.

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