On Sunday 21st October cadets will showcase their rigging, physical training, drill, band and even singing skills during what looks to be a spectacular day in London.

Hundreds of Sea cadets from all over the country will come together to march from Horse Guards Parade to Trafalgar day to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar, a tradition which dates back more than 100 years.

The youngsters will take part in a number of demonstrations and drills, as well as the traditional service and wreath laying to commemorate the occasion.

The event will take place from 11am, with cadets leaving Horse Guards Parade, marching through Admiralty Arch and making their way to Trafalgar Square.

You can follow the event on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and those who are at the event can also use our geofilter on Snapchat.

For media enquiries please contact Kayleigh Lewis,, 07798 677 012

Impact Report

Impact Report

On Monday 15th October we launched our first ever Impact Report looking at the real difference Sea Cadets makes to the lives of our young people and volunteers.

The research, compiled by a specialist consultancy called New Philanthropy Capital, highlighted the ways Sea Cadets has a positive impact. The findings included many long-term benefits, such as creating strong friendships, increasing community participation and helping young people to thrive.

The report was launched in the House of Lords with guests including Lords, MPs, sector leaders and a couple of cadets who shared their experiences too.

It is hoped that this report will help us to continue to shape the Sea Cadet Experience and enable us to find ways to reach even more young people in the years to come.

Royal Parks Half-Marathon

Royal Parks Half-Marathon

On Sunday 14 October Sea Cadets had the final challenge event of the year - the Royal Parks Half-Marathon. Supported by our enthusiastic cheer team at the Sea Cadets cheer points en route, our five runners battled through the rain and wind as they all managed to cross the finish line still smiling and with great times!

The team have raised just over £800 for Sea cadets nationally and are still fundraising. You can help support them reach their team target by donating to Rachid and the team at

If you want to get involved and run a half-marathon in the capital in March check out our London Landmarks run here.

Farewell Mark Windsor 

Farewell Mark Windsor 

Former Sea Cadets Captain, Captain Mark Windsor RN (Rtd), retired from his role as Director of Lifelong Learning in October.

During his eight years at Sea Cadets, half as Captain and half as Director of Lifelong Learning, Mark had a number of notable achievements, including the introduction of the Captain’s 50 Year Medal for volunteers who have served 50 years’ continuous service.

In 2012, Mark oversaw Sea Cadets’ participation in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee river pageant, in which 55 Trinity 500 boats flew the flags of each commonwealth nation while travelling down the River Thames in a diamond formation – quite an impressive sight! 

Mark was also instrumental in sourcing funds for the building of Corps flagship TS Royalist, organising campaigns such as Row the World which saw cadets, volunteers and staff up and down the country together row a total of 24,900 miles to raise the vital funds needed to help finance the ship.

Unit fundraising success!

Unit fundraising success!

"The help I have received from Ami has been outstanding. In a 'world' that can sometimes leave a unit feeling disconnected, it's nice to know there is someone in HQ ready to provide support. Ami has helped me to produce a few documents to put towards grant applications as well as sending out letters to our local community to ask for donations. 

Together we initially produced a donation request letter after I explained our unit had spent several months trying to build funds for a new minibus. Not only did she support me in writing my request, Ami took the time to research and share with us, grants that could be of use, including the 'MSSC Minibus Fund' (which I am thrilled to say was accepted and we are now very proud owners of our very own minibus!)

Although the letter was not used as the Minibus Fund fulfilled the financial gap in our funds, I was able to utilise and adapt it for donation requests for prizes towards our raffle at the Bournemouth Air Show. This letter supported us in accessing some wonderful prizes from some very well known brands!

In the last few months, I have also been working on some grant applications. One grant being for a very large sum is yet to be confirmed, however, using the information from the application that Ami had supported me in completing, I was able to use it for a grant application towards the National Lottery's 'Awards for All' which I am also over the moon to confirm that we were successful in acheiving their highest grant to put towards a lift installation within our Unit.

There are no words that can describe the importance of this service. This team of people means that any volunteer, of any ability, in any area or district has a 100% chance of being successful, if you are willing. It isn't a service that provides a generic representation of the Sea Cadet Corps. The National Fundraising Officers work with you to support you, tailoring and personalising your individual fundraising activities to your independent unit.

Many thanks to Ami and the team for the huge amount of support they have given to myself and my unit over the last few months. 

Fingers crossed on the next grant to be confirmed!" 


- Laura Rosenfeld

Treasurer and Unit Fundraising Trustee | Unit Management Committee

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