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By speaking to you, former sea cadets, we hope to put together a picture of how and if being a sea cadet influenced your upbringing, and later life.  

Part of this campaign is also to help us find our oldest living ex-cadet in the UK. Do you think you can help? There’s an amazing opportunity to win an exclusive Sea Cadets Experience* if you can find the oldest former cadet! Contact us directly ( if you think you know someone who may be that ex-cadet, or have them complete the survey and we’ll do the rest.

So please click the button below and share your experiences! The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.


Send in your photos to and we will include them in our historical gallery!

We also accept written responses for those not online at 202 Lambeth Road, London, SE1 7JW 

*We aim for the Sea Cadets Experience to be on our flagship TS Royalist, but will find appropriate alternative should access not be possible for the ex-cadet found.

Studying our impact

Sea Cadets is working with three external academics from Durham University and Goldsmith College, University of London. Using the data from your answers below they will put together a statistical analysis account of Sea Cadets’ impact throughout the decades.

This will be further backed up by anecdotal evidence, together painting a picture of the impact Sea Cadets has had across multiple generations. 

The report will include interviews with former cadets of all ages, in both written and video format.  This will provide invaluable fundraising and communications material. 

Catching up with Sea Cadets 

If you haven't been in contact with Sea Cadets for a while you maybe wondering what the charity is like now. 

At Sea Cadets you’ll see teenagers who cycle miles to us because they can’t afford the bus fare, greeting their friend dropped off in a new car, and young people of all races and religions, of all abilities, chatting together, striving together, and cheering each other on.

But the world is also changing in tough ways. And too many young people are going into an adult world under-equipped with the resilience, self-belief and social confidence they need to make a decent life for themselves. Sea Cadets has the skills to change this.

More than a youth club

Many teenagers arrive at Sea Cadets excited at the prospect of all the adventures and activities they can have with us. And they’re brilliant fun. But quickly they see the depth of what they can gain here for their future and they grab it with both hands!

A future

You can literally see the difference Sea Cadets can make. In how they hold themselves, welcome new people, and support each other. How they listen better in school, aren’t offended by constructive feedback, and get on with teachers. 

Check out what Sea Cadets is like now, watch the videos below 

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