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This eight-week outreach programme works with local authorities and schools and runs during the boating season (April - October). One 90 minute session supports up to 27 young people.

A toolkit for life

Taking part in activities like powerboating, paddle-sports, rowing and dinghy sailing, helps build confidence and self belief. It also introduces youngsters to a range  life building skills such as team working, concentration, problem solving and communication. Plus there is the chance to gain certificates and nationally accredited qualifications.

Building futures

This helps youngsters to feel better and believe in themselves, and if you feel that way you’re more likely to cope better with what life throws at you. It’s another key goal for Sea Cadets to help you to launch well in life, cope with today’s world, and go on to thrive in it.

Case study

In April 2015, our pilot programme in East London reached 202 local young people.

We wanted to help them find a new focus and challenge to help with confidence and self-belief. Through the club, we reached out to young people in some of the most economically deprived areas in London. Many did not necessarily have the same opportunities others their age had.

Sea Cadets awarded 52 free nationally recognised qualifications to young people during the project; while these were available to everyone, some did not take the offer up, preferring instead to just enjoy the extracurricular activities on offer.

“I’m not from a Sea Cadets background so I have been very surprised at all they have to offer. Every child is different, but Saturday Club and Sea Cadets has given each of them different things. Ben always hated putting his hand up to ask a question in school, but since joining Saturday Club, he has gone on to become a sports leader, been presented with a leadership award and was chosen to go to 10 Downing Street to teach coding to David Cameron, in front of the media. His confidence has sky-rocketed.”

Kimmi, parent to Ben, Kacey-Leigh and Hazel


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