Your wellbeing matters to us.

Sea Cadets recognises that many of our cadets may be feeling worried or anxious about the current news on coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

Life as you know it is changing or has already changed, for example face to face Sea Cadets activities have temporary stopped and schools are closed for some of you. At a time when you might be feeling worried about coronavirus, you are also having to face the possibility of not seeing your friends and the people you like to hang out with. You may also lose contact with safe and trusted adult professionals and volunteers that you rely on for help, support and guidance.

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If you are feeling worried, we want to reassure you that it is OK for you not to feel OK. It is perfectly understandable for you to be worried about your health and how this may impact on you and the people that you care about. It is normal that you may worry about feeling cut off from your social friendships and support networks.

There is lots of good information you can access to help you manage your worries at this time and to get support if you need it. Sea Cadets have put together a list of safe and trusted, child & young person friendly organisations that provide factual information about the coronavirus, tips and information on how to manage your worries & concerns as well as how to access support. These trusted organisations also offer useful information, advice and guidance on a variety of issues that affect children and young people today.  

Get Support Outside Sea Cadets


Visit Childline's website, or call Childline's 24/7 helpline: 0800 1111

Chat 1-2-1 with a counsellor online.

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YoungMinds Crisis messenger

Provides free, 24/7 crisis support across the UK if you are experiencing a mental health crisis If you need urgent help text YM to 85258 All texts are answered by trained volunteers, with support from experienced clinical supervisors Texts are free from EE, O2, Vodafone, 3, Virgin Mobile, BT Mobile, GiffGaff, Tesco Mobile and Telecom Plus.

Visit website

The Mix

Information, support and listening for people under 25. Phone 0808 808 4994 (24 hours)

Visit website

Get Support From Sea Cadets

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, get in touch with our safeguarding team.

Email us, or call us on our 24/7 helpline: 0207 654 7070.

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Barnardo's Covid-19 See, Hear, Respond initiative 

See, Hear, Respond is a Barnardo’s initiative providing rapid support for children and young people affected by the coronavirus crisis. A number of services are available to young people, including online counselling and resources, face-to-face intervention and re-integration to education support. The service is currently set up to run until October 2020. 

For further information please visit:

    • Yes, you can be anonymous, you can tell us as little or as much as you want to. You don't have to disclose any information you don't want to. 

      It can sometimes be more helpful if we have more information about you or the people that you are talking to us about.  This will help us to help us help you in the best way possible.

    • No, If you share information about yourself or other people, we will keep this private & confidential if you ask us to. The only time we would not be able to do this, is if we thought you or someone else was at risk of harm.

    • Well firstly, we will treat you and the information you share with us with great care and respect. We will take the information you share with us seriously and depending on what you share with us; we may be able to help you directly or we may put you in contact with other trusted organisation that can help.  In some situations, we may need to look into things a bit further: speak to other professional people or organisations to ensure we fully research the best help and support for you.

      We will keep in touch with you along the way so that you are fully aware of what it is we are doing to help you.  

    • No, we're are here to support and protect you.  It is our job to make sure you are kept safe and get the help you need. 

    • Yes, is you think something is up or you are worried about them it is important to let someone know. It may be nothing, it might be something, but it’s better that it is looked into, to make sure that everything is OK for them and that you are reassured.  

    • We are here to help you no matter what and would never think that you or your worries are stupid.

    • While your Sea cadet unit is temporarily closed, it will not be possible for you to speak or communicate with the volunteers in the way you that you may be used to.

      However, you can still share your concerns with us through the Sea Cadet Safeguarding team. Contact details are on this page. The Sea Cadet safeguarding team are friendly and helpful and are specialists in children and young people's welfare, support and safety.

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