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Welsh harp summer boating

Welsh harp summer boating

Chiswick unit had the opportunity to book out the whole of the Welsh harp boating station for a weekend of boating activities. Our cadets and juniors had the opportunity to experience; rowing, paddle boarding, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. They also got the chance to build their own rafts and race them!




Chiswick Sea Cadets will be reopening a junior section in the unit catering to 10-12 year olds.

Juniors Sea Cadets will be able to do most of what our seniors cadets get up to; with access to boating, camping and other activities. The only difference, is more having more FUN!

We will be running our trial evening on Friday 1st March 2019 from 1830-2000 at the Pier House. If you are interested in joining please get in contact via the contact sheet here or emailing us at

Chiswick unit on Remembrance parade

2018 - Remembrance Sunday

A wonderful turnout for this years parades. We attended our Turnham Green parade alongside our local Chiswick RBL and we have had lots of wonderful photos of the day, which you can view here.

We also assisted our unit Chaplain at Holy Innocents in Hammersmith remembering those from the original T.S. Stork (from which we take our name) who fought and died in World War 1.

Well done to all that took part.

New Sea Cadet websites

New Sea Cadet websites

We have migrated to a brand new website provided which allows us to keep you all better updated with the goings on in chiswick unit.

2016 - AGM and Awards evening

2016 - AGM and Awards evening

The Annual General Meeting was held earlier than normal this year.

This is an evening for parents and supporters to attend and hear about what the unit has achieved over the year. We also have our Unit Management Committee members re-stand for their positions and for any additional people to put themselves forward.

After we had finished it was time for the annual presentations. The Mayor presented the awards to the Cadets for their achievements.

Well done to all of our cadets who got awards at our award ceremony last night. They were as follows:

  • Best dressed - Shared between Cdt 1st Gillet and Cdt 1st Peirs (junior)
  • Sportsperson - Mr Bond-Vaughan
  • Sportsmanship - Mr Bond-Vaughan 
  • Attendance - Cdt Cassini
  • New-comer Of the Year - Cdt Wilson 
  • Quartermaster of the Year - Cdt 1st Peirs (junior)
  • Cook/Steward of the Year - Cdt 1st Peirs (senior)
  • Seamanship - Cdt Clarke
  • Cadet of the Year - Cdt 1st Peirs (senior)
  • Best Division - Defender

We also added a new award this year for the cadet who accrued the most boating hours which went to Cdt 1st Gillet for his whopping effort of 83 hours.

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