Fundraising Update

21 August 2022

We are currently fundraising in a number of areas. The great news is that we have received £2,960 from Merseyside Police to help fund training activities over the summer and into the autumn. We are also looking to fund a replacement Football Kit for our cadets, this will cost approximately £340, requests have already gone out to possible donors.

On the less positive side we are struggling to get any funding for our building refurbishment, it seems that currently a lot of money is going towards charities affected by the covid lockdown period. We are of course continuing to seek funding, at the moment we are looking at smaller amounts so we can at least begin the work. If can help us with this all assistance is gratefully received. Please call the Chairperson on 07717547453 is you can assist.

Summer Update 2022

3 July 2022

Boating season is in full swing with cadets attending the Wallasey boating station each week. On 3rd July our senior girls team are attending the Area rowing competition in Southport after winning the District rowing competition recently. Our marching band continues to meet weekly to learn existing and new pieces of music, our next big event is Merchant Navy day in early September, we'll let you know the exact date, all are welcome to attend.

Exciting news is that we are sending six cadets on offshore trips this year, this will include experiencing life aboard TS Royalist, the Sea Cadet tall sailing ship.


An update on our refurbishment project. We have quotes off a number of contractors, we are now submitting grant requests to donor organisations. We have met with other Sea Cadet units for advice of gathering funds, the consensus is that it won't be an easy task. It's likely we'll have to ask for an extension on the time we have to start the refurbishment, it being delayed by the onset of Covid in 2020.

Summer Update 2021

7 August 2021

We are still boating every Thursday at the Wallasey boating station, three weeks out of each month is for senior cadets and one for our juniors. The weather has been kind to us recently, with only a couple of postponements due to weather or staff shortages. Apologies for any late notice when we need to cancel, but we are dependent on the vagaries of the weather and safety is our primary concern.

An update on our refurbishment project. We are currently in the process of gathering quotes from builders to carry out the work. This step requires additional detailed drawings from our architects, we’ll have to dig deep to fund this. Without formal quotes off builders, we can’t start seeking funding from the big grant making agencies out there. It’s a slow process but we are sticking with it.


Back to normal?

3 May 2021

South Liverpool Sea Cadets are open again, currently just of a Wednesday evening (7pm-9pm). Our activities will be outside for the moment, or in the large hall if the weather is inclement. We do have in place guidelines to ensure we adhere to government advice on preventing the spread of Covid-19.

In the background we're planning further activities for late spring and summer. Our committee is seeking funding for mountain bike and hill walking qualifications, we are conscious of the need to get the cadets out and about again after a difficuelt year. These qualifications are essential to allow us to get back into the countryside.

An update on our new premises, we've received planning permission for the refurbishment and are now looking to raise funds from a variety of sources. It's a big challenge to raise over £200k but we're a determined bunch and always look to do the best we can for our young people.

We're boating again

We're boating again

Our voluntary staff have been workring hard to get our cadets boating again as quickly as possible. Over the winter, while allowed, they have made ready the Wallasey boating station. We've moved our kayaks and canoes to the site and have recently enjoyed Saturday afternoon boating sessions with up to 8 cadets. We've attached a photo of our cadets enjoying themselves. There are more spaces available if more cadets wish to join us, watch out for Marc's notices for upcoming dates.


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