*** Queen’s Platinum Jubilee ***

*** Queen’s Platinum Jubilee ***

POC Andrew had the amazing opportunity to represent the Unit and Berkshire District Sea Cadets having been invited to go on Gloriana as it made its way down the Thames as part of the Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

Well Done Andrew!


Royal Marines Cadets


Maidenhead Sea Cadets are delighted to announce that we will be opening a Royal Marines Cadets Section from the 17th May 2022.


For further info, Or if interested in joining, please contact



Congratulations to POC Tasha who today, successfully passed her LC-POC Board.

POC Tasha joined us aged 10 as a Junior and has developed into an excellent cadet reaching the pinnacle of a Cadet’s Sea Cadet Experience at the earliest opportunity.

This has been the result of a lot of hard work and development and just goes to show what you can achieve in the Sea Cadets.

We could not be more prouder of what you have achieved!


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Royal Marines Cadets part of The Sea Cadets Maidenhead

Royal Marines Cadets part of Sea Cadets Maidenhead

It is with great pleasure the Unit can announce that the Captain Sea Cadets has granted permission for a Maidenhead Royal Marines Cadet Detachment to reopen.

This is very positive news and we look forward to the high standards normally associated with RMCD detachments returning to Maidenhead... 20 years after it's closure.

The official launch date will be advised in due course but well done to the volunteers in making the Unit ready for this to happen.

#ironducks #royalmarinecadets #seacadetsuk #betterneverstops #PerMarePerTerram

Berkshire District Boatwork Week Results

Berkshire District Boatwork Week Results

As the sun sets on another week long course run by Berkshire district, well done to all the cadets who took part in the weeks activities!

1775 cadet boating hours!

93 Qualifications earnt!

53 cadets attended!

19 members of staff made the week work!

6 units taking part!


We had 8 cadets on this course all achieving superb qualifications in Rowing, Sailing, Powerboating and Paddlesport.

#ironducks #weloveboating #whatwedo

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