Juniors Learing about Remembrance Sunday

Juniors Learing about Remembrance Sunday

JUNIORS - 31 October 2021

Today one of our Junior groups learned about Remembrance Sunday and why we wear the Poppy in remembrance.

Pictured are a small group of Juniors showing their own hand made poppies made from paper plates, plastic cups, lego and felt with the black centre sewn by hand by the Juniors.

Well done (BZ).

Rowing Regatta 2021

Rowing Regatta 2021

5 teams of Cadets from across the Jersey Sea Cadet Unit's 3 divisions, Port, Starboard and Royal Marine (RM), took part in their annual rowing regatta in near perfect conditions in St Helier Harbour.  With the two seaman divisions providing a Senior and Junior team and the RM Cadets having just a senior team, they participated in 6 races throughout the morning.  

Many of the cadets were taking part in the interdivisional regatta for the first time and did particularly well.  The hours of rowing practice across the year were obviously of benefit.  

Cadet Harry, one of Jersey's newer cadets taking part for the first time said:-  "I really enjoyed the rowing competition today.  It was really good fun and a great experience competing against other teams".

Results time combined across both races:-

Royal Marine A - 9.05 minutes

Starboard B - 9.49 minutes

Port A - 10.56 minutes

Port B - 11.08 minutes

Starboard A - 11.13 minutes

Royal Marine B - No time to count

Winners A Team = Royal Marine  - BZ

Winners B Team = Starboard  - BZ

Pictured - The Starboard B Team being steered to victory with Coxswain,  Cadet Evie.




Today the Juniors became construction engineers and had fun with long cocktail sticks and marshmallows to create geodesic domes similar to the much larger scale domes you see at places like the the Eden Project in Cornwall

They explored the thinking behind the design of a geodesic dome and learned the advantages and disadvantages of using different shapes to make structures.

........................ But the big question is...................what happened to all the Marshmallows??

Well done Juniors. BZ

Liberation Day Red Cross parcel deliveries

Liberation Day Red Cross parcel deliveries

Delivery of Red Cross Parcels to Occupation Veterans - 9 May 2021

For the second year running the Liberation Celebration Parcel Project has seen the delivery of "red cross" type parcels to occupation veterans across Jersey bringing back memories of the urgent need for these parcels in the winter of 1944, when the island was cut off from all supplies until the arrival of the SS Vega which brought some relief to Islanders.  

This years event  saw the Lt Governor lead the convoy of delivery vehicles that set out to deliver 600 parcels to Occupation veterans today as part of Jersey’s 76th Liberation Day celebrations.

Each parcel, which includes a reproduction of the 1945 Liberation edition of the Evening Post, has been hand-decorated by local schoolchildren and was delivered this morning by volunteers in tractors, trailers, vintage cars, military vehicles, Jeeps, limousines and even an ice-cream van.

Pictured are TS Jersey's very own volunteers who took part in this community event, Unit Assistant Aga and her two sons, Ordinary Cadet Adrian and Cadet Daniel.  They spent the morning helping to deliver the parcels, meeting and speaking with occupation veterans and patiently posing for photographs from the many veterans who wanted a photo with them in their sailor's uniform.  


Change of Command

Change of Command

On Saturday 1 May 2021, the Jersey Sea Cadet Unit saw a change of command with the Unit welcoming its new Commanding Officer, Lt (SCC) David Thompson RNR.  With new premises, an ongoing recruitment capmpaign for both Adult Volunteers and Cadets and a return to face to face activities for the 100 cadets currently signed up, Lt. Thompson is looking forward to encouraging more people, both young and old, to take up the opportunities that being a part of the Sea Cadets offers.  For more information, please get in touch at

#getonboard   #seastheday


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