We have been working with CVQO to ensure that all Cadets who reach the rate of Ordinary Cadets or the Royal Marines Cadets rank of Royal Marines Cadet 1st Class to be able to achieve a BTEC level 1 Certificate in Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship at no extra cost.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our cadets at TS Invicta to come away with a free and nationally recognised qualification just for simply doing what they already do within the Unit of TS Inivicta.


Main Deck Refurbishment

TS Invicta would like to thank Newline construction for the work they done to replace the Main Deck floor. TS Invicta would like to thank Soutern Area Sea Cadets, Shepway Distrcit Council, Vic Joanne and Ronald Cruikshank Foundation for the donations towards the refurbishment. Currently the Cadets are ussing the Main Deck to train for the coming East Kent District Drill and Piping Competition being held at St John Moore Barracks on Sunday 19th February 2017. 

Click here to watch the change refurbishment of TS Invicta Main Deck.

Our Year of 2016

Please watch our video of Our Year of 2016






We as a Unit require more Volunteers to help deliver the Sea Cadet Experience. If you have been in the services or have an interest in the Sea Cadets or Royal Marines Cadets then maybe you could help. Using the links on the Website please make contact with the Unit if you feel you could give up a bit of spare time to pass on skills or deliver skills to our local youth. Any Adults wishing to become a Uniformed member of the Unit will need to complete compulsory Adult Core Modules over a two year period.

We are currently recruiting for new cadets to join the Sea Cadet or Royal Marines Cadets. We do hold a waiting list which details on required information is under the Join Us tab

Check out the Sea Cadet Corps Website for more details on what is on offer and to make contact with our Unit.

For all latest news involving the unit visit our Unit Facebook page or Twitter page 

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