Some of our cadets attended St. Michael's & All Angels Church for their Patronal festival. Thank you to our Chaplain Father Steven Young for having us!

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Blessing of the Bags Service

Blessing of the Bags Service

Sunday 10th September, some of our cadets joined our unit Chaplain (SCC) Steven Young RNR for St Michael's annual blessing of the bags service. This service happens each year as the academic year begins. LC Jayden spoke during the service about Sea Cadets Code of Conduct and what we do, as AC Sean read out a prayer. All the cadets performed a guard of honour at the start & end of the service too! BZ everyone! Thank you to everyone at St. Michaels for having us!

Teach us Tuesdays

Teach us Tuesdays

Teach us Tuesday!

We are back again with our weekly insight to the Sea Cadets and this week we are staying with Seamanship.

Below shows two of our Juniors and PO Nowotarska tying a Round turn two half hitches knots. The part of the rope wrapping around the bar is the 'round turn'. The 'half hitch' is where it ties itself to the other half of the rope and looks like a backward spiral. This knot is tied with 2 of the half hitches. Hence the name. Technically, you can keep tying the half hitches one after another to create a decorative chain.

This knot is mainly used to secure mooring lines (tying a boat to dock) but, more generally, it is used to secure a rope to something (a beam, an eye, a tree, etc).



Adventurous Training

Adventurous Training

BZ to LC Jayden who completed Advanced Hillwalking & Advanced Campcraft this weekend in the Peak District! 





Summer Boating

Summer Boating

It's been a busy couple of weeks for our cadets who have been busy working on their on the water skills!

BZ to OC Dora, who completed Stage 2 sailing,

OC Kornelia, who completed Stage 3 & 4 sailing,

AC Carlos, who completed stage 3 & 4 sailing and

LC Gabi who has been supporting as an assistant Windsurfing instructor!


Social Media Training

24 July 2023

Training never stops at T.S Barrosa!

This evening, whilst our cadets continued to develop their on the water skills during Monday night sailing at Welsh Harp Boat Station, 3 of our staff members continued their own development on land! Our OiC, PO (SCC) Banfield, our XO PO (SCC) Moss, and our UMT Chair- Charlotte Gosling took part  a 2 hour social media training session provided by Christina from Sonia Community UK.

As you can see from the photos there was a whirlwind of emotions, but hopefully you'll be experiencing some improved posts going forward!

A big thank you to Christina for her time this evening, it is very much appreciated!



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