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Promotions September - November 2017

Promotions September - November 2017

Congratulations to all those who have recieved promotions within the last few months. All your hard work over the last year has paid off and now you are all completing sessions needed to the next rank. 

Junior Cadet to Junior Cadet First Class

  • JCFC Morgan
  • JCFC Mihai-Gabriel
  • JCFC Alexander
  • JCFC Tia
  • JCFC Annelee
  • JCFC Carlos-Ricardo

New Entry to Cadet

  • CDT Xander
  • CDT Michael

Cadet to Cadet First Class

  • CDFC Zoe
  • CDFC Charlene

Cadet First Class to Ordinary Cadet

  • OC Emily
Cadet Training Programme
The Cadet Training Programme (CTP) is the core programme of training and activities which are carried out by all Sea Cadets. This is broken down into 144 sessions with 18 for New Entry Cadets. Cadets will advance through the rates, up to Able Cadet, as they complete sessions.

Ordinary Cadet to Able Cadet

  • AC Billie
  • AC Katie
  • AC Danielle
  • AC Ty
Leadership Development Programme
The Cadet Leadership Programme focuses on the rates of Able Cadet to Leading Cadet and Leading Cadet to Petty Officer Cadet. It replaces what was the old Part One Training and the associated task books.
This programme aims at giving our senior cadets the skills and tools needed to develop into effective Leading and Petty Officer Cadets. It has a similar look and feel to the CTP and all resources that are needed are available online for download. Unlike the CTP units will not get a hard copy and can print what is needed when required.


Jack Petchey Award

Jack Petchey Award

Congratulations to CDFC Zoe for receiving her Jack Petchey Award. Zoe has been a part of the unit for just over a year and she has achieved so much since joining us. Well Done Zoe!!!! 

Almost 2,000 schools, colleges and youth organisations throughout London and Essex run the scheme, which contributes millions of pounds each year. The scheme is a reward and recognition initiative which enables schools and youth organisations to celebrate the achievements of their young people as well as receive additional funding.

“We do it because we want to help young people raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and make a contribution to their society” said Sir Jack Petchey CBE.


Junior Sea Cadets were busy carving pumpkins 🎃 🎃 They look fantastic great job JCFC Lilly, JCFC Gabi, JC Carlos and JC Sebastien!!!

UKCC Level 1 Kayaking coach

UKCC Level 1 Kayaking coach

Congratulations to APO (SCC) Cathal Hegarty who passed his UKCC Level 1 Kayaking coach today. We are looking forward to putting his skills to use next year!

Edgware Junior Sea Cadets Attend Trafalgar Day

Edgware Junior Sea Cadets Attend Trafalgar Day

This year for the first year ever we had our Junior Sea Cadets attend and perform on Trafalgar Square for Trafalgar Day. Infront of 1000s our Juniors performed a Semaphore Display for everyone to watch. BZ Juniors!!!! 

In attendance: JCFC Gabi, JCFC Morgan, JCFC Carlos, JC Sebastien

If you would like an opportunity like this why not come down and join us on a parade night, you never know you may like it. There are activites for everyone to enjoy!!!