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New entry intake

New entry intake

Are you looking for adventure? Do you like being on the water? Are you 12-17 years old?

Chiswick unit will be having another new entry intake session on 16th January 2019. This is an oppotunity for young people to come and visit the unit and see what we are all about.

We will be inviting our new hopefuls to join us at the unit for the evening an get involved with what our cadets are getting up to.

Should this interest you, please email us at, via the online form here, or get in contact via our unit phone on 07554998218, and we will try to answer any questions you may have.

Chiswick unit on Remembrance parade

2018 - Remembrance Sunday

A wonderful turnout for this years parades. We attended our Turnham Green parade alongside our local Chiswick RBL and we have had lots of wonderful photos of the day, which you can view here.

We also assisted our unit Chaplain at Holy Innocents in Hammersmith remembering those from the original T.S. Stork (from which we take our name) who fought and died in World War 1.

Well done to all that took part.

Parading in Chiswick

2018 - Football

2018 - Football

After all four of our football teams smashed the district competition and then our junior girls and senior boys won at the area competition, Chiswick unit sent two teams to represent London Area at the National five a side football held at Grantham Meres leisure centre.

While they played hard our boys, assisted by 3 boys from Ruislip unit, ended up only winning one match and placed 6th overall. Still a very good outcome and well done to them.

However, our junior girls who we assisted by one girl from Twickenham, managed to win two matches placing them 4th overall!

A very busy start to 2018 and all deserve a well earnt rest.

2018 - Unit birthday

2018 - Unit birthday

Chiswick unit spent the Sunday celebrating our 20th birthday.

After looking through our records we worked out that, while we were formed as a sattellite unit of Wandsworth in 1997, we were recognised as a unit in our own right in 1998. To help us celebrate this we invited ex cadets and members of the unit as well as Wandsworth. We were very pleased to have SLt Pearce, our previous CO, to join us and help SLt Horton cut the cake.

2017 - Naval entry

2017 - Naval entry

A big congratulations to a previous cadet of ours. Alex McLellan has finally finished his basic training as is now the first cadet from Chiswick unit to enter the RN.

BZ to you and best of luck from all at T.S. Stork

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