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Here you will see our MONTHLY newsletter, discussing what we have achieved over the previous month!

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January Newsletter 2021

January Newsletter 2021

Covering 1-31st January

January brought another challenge as the country re-entered Lockdown for the third time. Our Training Team spent no time in creating a new Virtual Learning plan, to engage our cadets and continue their development during the lockdown.

Unlike the first version, which was delivered over Google Classrooms, and the second, which was delivered on masse by the Command Team, the new plan consisted of three points:

  1. Unit Training (Delivered over Zoom)
  2. National Training
  3. Promotion and Development

We started with Unit Training and developed a training plan, lead by the Divisional Officers, that allows knowledge development and aims to increase retainment of subject-matter. The Divisional Officers worked hard to create engaging sessions and set to recruit the assistance of their Divisions to deliver them. We then had three classrooms created - Maintops, Quarterdeck, Royal Marines Cadets.

Next was the National Training, where our Unit Training Officer and Unit Admin Officer looked out at difference Sea Cadet Facebook Pages, and scoured Westminster, for courses being delivered at different levels. By doing this, contacting the relevant cadets or sharing it on social media, we are able to let the cadets engage in new ways.

Finally was Promotion and Development, where our Command Team worked with the Divisional Officers to see who is approaching promotion and setting up a time to conduct interviews. After these three were thought on we came to the following system:

  • Virtual Parades on Friday
  • NO Parades on Sunday, but the time to conduct specific training and interviews
  • Booking cadets on all courses that they wish to attend

Our first Virtual Parade was on the 22nd of January 2021, and we had 70% of our cadets attend. We then reached out to cadets who didn't attend to try and help them access the Virtual Learning. Our second parade was on the 29th of January 2021, where we retained our cadet percentage as further modules were delivered.

We have also had a total of 28 Cadets book onto different courses across the month of January, which is a wonderful achievement.

In addition to cadet training, we are also getting our staff developed as we have booked them onto 10 courses to aid their promotion.

On 14th January we held our Annual General Meeting, in which we saw our elected Unit Management Committee step down. After an update on the year just gone, and the prospects for the year ahead discussed, we had our Unit Management Committee voted back in, with three additions. We now have an 8 strong Unit Management Committee.

Regardless of the challenges presented, T.S. Sutton Coldfield has risen to the challenge to deliver high-quality training and development opportunities.

December 2020 Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter

Covering 1-20th December

With Lockdown ending, the Command Team and Unit Management Committee took the decision to keep the unit closed, with COVID-19 cases still rising, to protect our cadets and volunteers. With this in mind, our volunteers set to continue the delivery of Virtual Learning and our Training Officer, Admin Officer and Divisional Officers looked forward to the next year of training.

Our unit ceased training on Friday 18th December, with a Kahoot quiz to challenge our cadets in both their unit knowledge, Christmas knowledge and staff knowledge. With a fine 30 points between first and second place. With the parade concluded, we wished our Ships Company Merry Christmas and closed the unit for Christmas.

On Saturday 19th December a small team of our volunteers surprised our cadets with Christmas presents, donated by 4 Steps To A Smile, by travelling to their homes and delivering them, following COVID-19 safe procedures throughout. Our cadets were surprised and jolly at the surprise of presents as we wished them a Merry Christmas.

On Sunday 20th December, our staff had their final conversations before taking a well-earned break after a challenging year. This included finalising the Training Plan for the following year when we could be back face-to-face and allowed our volunteers to pass on their jolly feelings to each other before heading into their leave from the unit.

From all of us here at T.S. Sutton Coldfield, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

Covering 1-30th November

This month we saw the unit close again due to the second lockdown, but we rebooted our Virtual Learning Environment to keep cadets engaged and had our cadets support the Remembrance Weekend in their own way!

Firstly, we saw the closure of our physical site for the second time this year. Our staff engaged themselves immediately on getting the VLE rebooted and we created a session plan to last the length of lockdown.

Remembrance weekend came next, with our cadets taking to their doorsteps in their best uniform and paying their respects on both Remembrances Sunday and Remembrance Day at 1100. We are so proud of our cadets for keeping themselves and their families safe, whilst still paying their respects.

Our CO and UMC took the decision to continue closure into the New Year, to keep our cadets and staff safe during the pandemic. Our staff members started planning for the rest of the year on the VLE and then creating the New Year Training Plan.

This has been a short month due to the COVID-19 restrictions BUT we keep going to ensure that our cadets can stay engaged with us throughout.

Thank you for reading and we will check-in before the New Year!

October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

Covering 1-31st October

This month, we have continued our return to parading and started our afloat training schemes. We have also rethought our strategy towards qualification training.

The RMC have continued their field-training and the recruits are preparing for their advacement exam. Completing this successfully will allow them to advance to Royal Marines Cadet!

Generic Training has transformed into Unit Based Training, which has become a specialisation! We are now delivering basic CIS to all of our Sea Cadets!

The afloat group has now been allocated either Paddle Discover or YSS Stage 1 as the cadets eagerly begin their afloat adventure to the qualification!

The AT group is preparing for a 'practice' expedition in Sutton Park, where they can accumulate all of their knowledge learnt from the prior weeks into a real expedition!

We had a visit from the SSO, where he got to experience the Sutton Coldfield COVID-19 experience. With a positive report, it showed the training team that what we are doing is working.

Our New Entry Cadet class, after attending two 'mop-up' Saturday's, have now completed their syllabus and gained promotion to Cadet!

That's all for this month, come back at the end of November for more!

September 2020 Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter

Covering 1-30th September

This month, we have seen our Return to Parading, Return to Fieldcraft and Return to Boating as face-to-face training recommenced. We started our September with a Divisional Sunday, awarding cadets with their achievements over lockdown!

We have then finished our Seamanship Assessments, with 9 cadets gaining their Basic Seamanship. Two of these were Royal Marines Cadets, which means that they can now work on advancing to Cadet Lance Corporal.

We have an engaging afloat syllabus, with RYA Stage 1 and BC Paddle Discover in sight. 4 cadets have gained their Paddle Start, with more expected soon.

Our AT groups have completed their first night Navigation, after two weeks of training, with minimal help.

Our Generic Training has ranged from Planex situations, to CIS and re-training the Ships Company to the new Divisional System

That's all for this month, come back at the end of October for more!

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