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Shepperton Raft Race 2017

Sunbury and Walton are entering the raft race this year with these 2 incredible rafts.  The cadets put a lot of time in to creating these rafts so why don't you come and support them.

Shepperton Raft Race is on 10th June 2017 starting at 13:00.




Spelthorne Youth Awards 2017

T.S Black Swan are incredibly proud as three of our Cadets were shortlisted for a Spelthorne Youth Award back in March. They were invited along to the awards evening where they were presented with their certificates for being nominated. Winner for Academic Achievement AC Hina, AC Jacobs Runner Up for Kindness and AC Akers Winner for Personal Achievement.

Jack Petchey Awards 2016

We are very proud to announce that out of our ships company we have 4 cadet and 1 APO who have won the Jack Petchey award for achievement, The award ceremony that was held at Kensington Town Hall on Sunday 8th February saw APO Tara Kelly, Leading Cadet Thomas Beers, Able Cadet Niamh Kelly, Ordinary Cadet Allan Akers & Ordinary Cadet Katie Tuck receive their awards.

We as a unit are very proud of these young men and women.

T.S Black Swan go to National Drill Compition.

T.S Black Swan go to National Drill Compition.

Cadets from TS Black Swan joined the other cadets from around the country to compete in a national drill Compton at H.M.S Raleigh this Saturday.

We are very proud of our team who placed 4th in the Unarmed drill section, and a huge congratulation to AC Thomas Beers who placed 1st as best Guard Commander in the United Kingdom for Unarmed Drill.

Able Cadets Beere, Hina, Kelly and Tuck Ordinary Cadets Miller, Lloyd and Jacobs Cadets 1st Class Smith and Pizarro-Griffiths we are very proud of you all.





Video Released at recent Inspection

Video Released at recent Inspection

Cadets from TS Black Swan recently released a video as part of their presentations to the Inspecting Officer, Commander Tim Porter Royal Navy.

In the video, which lasts just over 3 minutes, the cadets explain why they joined Sea Cadets, what they enjoy most, and what they have accomplish personally from their involvement in the organisation.  There was no script and the cadets were not prompted on what to say to the camera.

The video provides a raw look at why so many young people are involved in Sunbury & Walton Unit, a success which is echoed in towns and cities across the UK.

The video can be viewed by clicking here.

TS Black Swan are currently expanding their numbers to increase to capacity the young people who can benefit from the opportunities Sea Cadets offers.  If you are interested, please get in touch or come along to the Unit to see firsthand what is on offer.


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