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Display Case Complete

We are very proud to introduce our new display unit for memorabilia, trophies etc. The main feature of the unit is a 4 foot scale model of HMS Seaham. The ship was built during the 2nd World War thanks to the people of Seaham raising over £100,000 to pay for its construction. We here at Seaham Sea Cadets have our unit (TS Seaham) named after the ship. You will also see the name plate on the wall opposite. This is the original from HMS Seaham which was donated to the unit after the ship was decommissioned.

Seaham pays its Respects

Well done everybody you all looked very smart today. Thank for turning up and showing your support. You were a credit to the unit.

Spooky goings on at Seaham???

Spooky goings on at Seaham???

A Great Scary Night at the Halloween party tonight. Lots of great costumes. Thanks to all the staff especially CI Mallaby and CI Smith for all there contributions great hot dogs and gorgeous cakes. A huge thank you to Klassy Occasions for there brilliant disco.

Sounding the Retreat

Thank You to all the cadets who took part in Sounding The Retreat on Friday you all looked Fab. Another good show by the Cadets of Seaham 

Inspection Goes well :-)

Inspection Goes well :-)


That's our inspection over for another two years. What a show! Excellent work on your presentations and uniform. You showed the Captain what we are all about and it went very well. The OiC and all his team are very proud of you all, superb effort. (Sept 9th)

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