Rhondda Sea Cadets Care Packs

30 September 2020

Well that's it folks we just delivered the last of our care packs who would have thought that 5 months ago when we applied for funding for 120 cadet care packs and 30 siblings packs we would in the end deliver nearly 500 care packs in total.

None of this would have happened without your fantastic staff,

CI Lucy Thomas who ordered everything and badgered me to find more cash who also filled the bags as well and coordinated all the deliveries.

CI Sarah Peachey who it has to be said has seen more of the Rhondda now than she ever did after delivering so many care packs.

PO Annette Owen and PO Callum Davies, PO Lorraine Lazell,PO Rhys Jones Davies Jd and CI Nicola Symes and also CI Ioan Mathias for delivering in their areas and all helping fill bags also UMT member Fred Peachey.

It seems quite fitting that after me asking my staff to do as much as I did because I was shielding, that I went out and delivered the last bag, it has been fantastic seeing all the smiles on Cadets and Juniors and their siblings faces in the photos you have been posting especially in the early days of Covid lockdown.

It is an honour and a Privilege to be part of such a fantastic team.



We would like to Congratulate the following

L/C Lucyann Hefford on being selected as the Lord Lieutenants Cadet for 2016

L/C Laura Jones for completing her duty as Lord Lieutenants Cadet during 2015

CI (SCC) Cheryl Bailyes & Our unit Chairperson Ms Tracy Francis who will be awarded the Lord Lieutenants Certificate of Merit for their service to the Sea Cadets

BZ All  

Unit Boating Weekend

Unit Boating Weekend

We are now taking bookings for the Unit Boating Weekend 9-11 Oct 2015.

Please book your space with PO Davies

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