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As we look forward to the chance to re-open our doors and hopefully return to full time activities would'nt it be great if your newly learned home schooling and activity planning skills could be put to better use?  We are recruiting volunteers to help with the managment of the unit.  We desperately need reliable persons to assist with the day to day running of our unit.  Uniformed or Civilian volunteers, all are most welcome.  Perhaps you would prefer to assist the Unit Management Team (UMT).  Responsible for ensuring that the unit functions within the regulations and for making sure that funding is available for the many varied activities provided for the Cadets.  Why not get in touch to see if you can help the Cadets of today become the Adults of tomorrow. 


27 July 2020

Padstow Sea Cadet Unit is on the shortlist to win a share of Persimmon Homes’ Building Futures £1million pot supporting under-18s nationwide but first they need online votes to win.   Persimmon Homes TRURO is backing our Registered Charity No: 300581 to be a prize winner at a gala dinner in October, where cash awards of £100,000, £50,000 or £20,000 will be made to those winning the most online votes.

Terry Maguire, Chairman of the Padstow Units Management Team said: “It is a huge privilege and achievement to have been selected as a regional finalist, but now we really need the local people to get behind us and get voting so that we are in the strongest possible position to earn one of the top three cash awards on the night.”

2020 is our 60th Anniversary year and aside from the planned celebrations which have all had to be placed on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are looking to replace our 35+ year old external modular classroom  which has now come to the end of its life and is now unusable.  The replacement cost for a more modern 24 x 10 modular unit will cost in the region of £15000.  We have been fundraising for this but are still a long way off achieving our goal.

If we were lucky to win one of the main prizes this would help significantly and allow us not only to purchase the classroom but also to equip it and to modernise other areas of our main building such as the Kitchen and Dining area, the Equipment Store and perhaps redecoration throughout.  Anything we can do to enhance the Sea Cadet Experience has got to be a plus, after all, today’s youth are tomorrows adults.

Terry Maguire added: “Voting could not be simpler. Just log on to and select Padstow Sea Cadet Unit and vote for us. We would really appreciate everyone’s support.”

Building Futures is being delivered through the Persimmon Charitable Foundation. Through the scheme, a total of 128 grants of £1,000 have been awarded to groups supporting sport, education & arts and health across Persimmon’s 31 regional businesses and its head office.   Persimmon Homes is an official partner of Team GB and the Persimmon Charitable Commission enlisted the help of athletes Jason Kenny and Laviai Nielsen to help determine the three regional finalist’s for each business division.

One initiative from each category will go on to win £100,000 each through a national award scheme to be decided by a public vote.

As well as the £100,000 first prize, there will be a £50,000 second prize and a £20,000 third prize in each sector, while a further 87 shortlisted projects will each receive £5,000.

Online voting opened on 27 July and will close at midnight on 18 September 2020.   To support PADSTOW SEA CADET UNIT please visit:

Padstow Sea Cadet Unit's 60th Anniversary Appeal

Padstow Sea Cadet Unit's 60th Anniversary Appeal


2020 is our 60th Anniversary year and to mark this special year we hope to be able to raise sufficient funds to replace our 30+ year old external classroom which has become unusable.  The cost to replace this will be in the region of £8000 which I'm sure you will agree is a sizeable figure for us to achieve.    As a registered  charity we are responsible for  our own fund raising so this is quite a challenge adding such a large sum of money to  the already annual amount that we normally have to raise to keep us running and providing the high standard of facilities provided for our Cadets. 

Perhaps if you are reading this you might consider helping us by making a donation to our appeal and do not forget Gift Aid your donation.  For every £1 donated Gift Aided £0.25p will be added increasing the value of your donation.   Click on the links so you can make single or regular donations to our appeal. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief article and if you have donated, Thank you.

                           PADSTOW SEA CADETS 60th ANNIVERSARY APPEAL - DONATE




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