January 2020's UMT meeting was Leicester Sea Cadets final meeting with Mr Richard Sleath as the UMT Chairman. Richard has dedicated time to the Leicester Sea Cadets since being a cadet here in the 1960's. Richard leaves some big boots to fill and we are extrememly grateful for all his hard work and dedication over the years. Richard will continue to be on the UMT and remains the Leicestershire District Chairman who gives support and advice to the 5 other units in the district. 

I have had such a great pleasure working alongside Richard the past few years and he really is a remarkable person who has given lots of support and guidance to others. The future of the unit is in a firm finacial position thanks to Richard and his UMT team. 

We welcome Mr Mark Smethurst into the role of UMT for Leicester Sea Cadets and I look forward to working alongside Mark for the next few years while Leicester expands and develops into a even greater place for learning and developing our young people. 

Thank you Richard - TS TIGER

Leicester Sea Cadets TS TIGER

Leicester Sea Cadets TS TIGER

At Leicester Sea Cadets we offer both adults and young people the opportunity to gain qualifications in a wide range of subjects, many of which can be transferred into everyday life. We offer courses in all types of boatwork, plus catering, first aid, engineering, meteorology, shooting, communications and information technology, parade training, VHF radio, seamanship and many more. Come on down and see us, you are never too old, ex cadets welcome. Serious fun is what we are all about.

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