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Sea Cadets has a lasting and positive impact on young people. Giving them confidence, friendship, leadership and more to help them launch well in life today

We see the benefits of Sea Cadets every day. The difference we make to the lives of our cadets carries with them throughout all aspects of their lives.

"Lewis has achieved so much in self-esteem and confidence from his time in the Sea Cadets. He has been an active member of the unit since the start. He has Asperger’s, dyspraxia and hypermobility and finds many activities difficult, or he can take longer than others to do them. With unit instructors' encouragement and belief in him, he has overcome the many obstacles that got in his path. His communication and social skills have come along, he is more independent and confident in himself, and this is also the same for his school life and how he approaches his work."

Alison, mum of Lewis 

The world moves so fast today, and the change can be exhilarating and life-opening, but also terrifying, especially for young people.


Naysha is very sensitive, but here you have to pick yourself up. She’s become calmer and better at making friends. She has a sense of self now, it’s not any more about what others want to do. It’s about confidence. About acknowledging you can fail, but you can still make the future right.    

 Michelle, mum of Naysha

This year we published our first ever Impact Report 'Sea Cadets - A Review of the Evidence', co-written by James Noble and Sarah Denselow of New Philanthropy Capital. The report highlights how Sea Cadets can have a positive influence on young people and can equip and support them to attain their aspirations in life.

Building from our 2021 Vision and Strategy and the Outcomes Framework. We commissioned New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) to compile and analyse new and existing evidence on the effectiveness of the Sea Cadets’ approach and impact on young people and society.

The Impact Report will be instrumental in giving us a platform to work with the wider public, sponsors and agencies, which in turn can translate into greater engagement and financial support. The report is now available here.

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