Coronavirus: Sea Cadets activity suspended

Unit parade nights are cancelled until further notice, and cadets are beginning to meet virtually with their units.

If you are looking to join Sea Cadets please use our unit finder to contact your nearest unit, they will respond directly. For more information on the charity’s response to Covid-19 please visit the link below.

Covid-19 update


Sea Cadets Trafalgar Day 2019

Sea Cadets march on London for Trafalgar Day 2019

Thousands gathered at Horse Guards Parade and The Mall to witness the Sea Cadets annual Trafalgar Day Parade 2019.

400 sea cadets from across the UK impressed at Horse Guards Parade, overlooked by the London Eye. Sea cadets demonstrated their teamwork and training with performances from the Physical Training Team, the Massed Bands of the Sea Cadets Corps and Unit presentations.

The performances were complimented by live singing performances of I Dreamed a Dream, Skyfall, and Hymns.

Following Unit inspection from Sea Cadets Captain Phil Russell RN and the Mayor of Westminster, the buglers sounded to mark a 2 minute silence observed by the crowd. After which, the Wreath laying ceremony was performed.

Sea Cadets then marched on The Mall towards Buckingham Palace to close the ceremony. Stunning Londoners, tourists and their families with a courageous march display.

Today, Sea Cadets will attend Nelson’s Tomb at St Paul’s Cathedral for a remembrance ceremony.

Trafalgar Day commemorates Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of October 1805. The most important day in the Naval Calendar that defined British sailing for hundreds of years.

Sea cadets, from Northern Ireland, who travelled 19 hours to take part in the parade said "It was a once in a lifetime opportunity." Watch their full interview on our Twitter page, click here.
Sea Cadets' Award Winning STEM Programme

Sea Cadets' Award Winning STEM Programme

Sea Cadets and partners Seafarers UK are celebrating after receiving recognition at the 2019 Maritime UK Awards on 19 September. 

The Marine Engineering Pathway project, run by Sea Cadets and funded by Seafarers UK, won the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) category - sponsored by DFDS – at the prestigious awards ceremony held in Southampton.

The event staged in the presence of Maritime Minister, Nusrat Ghani MP, recognised the partnership which began in 2015. The project offers tailored, specific workshops which teach key national curriculum concepts that relate to marine engineering.  Pupils will learn how and why things float, are then tasked to build a boat and challenged to see how much cargo it can hold before it sinks. MEP1, which concluded this year, engaged with 18,000 students while MEP2 (2019 – 2022) is expected to reach in excess of 37,500 students in its lifetime. 

Sally Wilkinson, STEM Program Manager for MEP, said, “This award is fantastic recognition for the hard work and dedication of the team over the last few years. Looking forward, we aim to increase our engagement with younger students, and build on the foundations already laid with key stage three students.  We will also be introducing new workshops and POD taster sessions”.

Many thanks go to our partners Seafarers UK for their funding and co-operation which has led to this award. It’s a credit to staff running the programme that they should be recognised in this way. The Marine Engineering Pathway project is succeeding in introducing the principles of marine engineering to students and long may that work continue.

Martin J Coles, CEO, Sea Cadets



Great Glen Trial Expedition

Great Glen Trial Expedition

When I went on the Great Glen Trail, I’ll admit I didn’t know I was going to have as much fun as I did. It was a great experience to be a part of and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go on such an excellent trip away in the Scottish lochs and canals. I met so many new people on my journey that I won’t forget, cadets and staff members and had some memorable moments. I wouldn’t ask for better people to enjoy the experience with. From camping to the actually kayaking approximately 60 miles up to Inverness; I had the best experience of my life and I would recommend that others should have a go at the Great Glen Trail whether it be a part of Sea Cadets or a part of a group of friends or family.

From the whole week, I would say that my favourite part of the whole trip was the day we set off into Loch Ness. Surfing the rough water while getting soaked in the process and how we had to wild camp on a bank. It gave me a sense of freedom looking across the loch. Seeing the high mountains that towered over the water, smothered by the fog, giving such a beautiful landscape. Not only that, kayaking the next morning with the idea of finishing the whole trip felt amazing.

Having a great feeling of triumph and pride when we did the Great Glen was quite possibly the best feeling I’ve ever had.


- Able Cadet David, Maryport and Solway Unit

National Combined Regatta

National Combined Regatta

Over 450 cadets enjoyed the weather and the competitive experience as Sea Cadets staged their National Combined Regatta at London’s Royal Docks/Excel Centre.

Cadets were vocal and excited to take part in an event which tested their water-based skills in rowing, paddlesports and boat handling.

Sportsmanship was particularly on show when a Northern Area cadet stopped in the closing stages of his race, giving up his chance to win so that he could help a fellow competitor in difficulties.

Acts such as this demonstrate some of Sea Cadets’ core values to their finest –courage to do the right thing, respect, honesty and integrity.

It was Southern Area who won overall classes in three sections – Trinity Rowing, Yole Rowing and Boat Handling – while taking a share with Eastern Area in the overall Paddlesports category.

Strong, consistent performances from Salisbury’s cadets saw Southern Area take the Trinity Rowing section by just a point from the unfortunate Eastern Area (Scarborough. Worksop and Northampton).

Salisbury again combined with Westerham to narrowly claim the Yole Rowing title, the Badger Cup from South West Area (Tewkesbury and Coventry).

It was another tight competition in Boat Handling, where Salisbury, Sheppey and Herne Bay nudged Southern Area ahead of both South West Area (Milford Haven, Rugby/Shirley and Neath) and North West Area (Fleetwood and Maryport & Solway) again by the smallest of margins.

But strong performances from Eastern Area prevented Southern Area from a clean sweep by taking a share of the Paddlesports title. 

Captain Philip Russell RN, Captain of the Sea Cadets said, “It’s been another highly successful National Combined Regatta with the cadets learning new skills and having an enormous amount of fun.”

“Many thanks for all the hard work of the volunteers who prepare the teams, those who give up their time to make this event happen and especially the cadets who will take lasting, positive memories of the day home with them.”

Following the regatta, Northern Area’s Captain Peter Adams received thanks for his support of Sea Cadets’ competitions prior to his retirement.

In addition, Lt Cdr Dennis Archbold who runs Fleetwood Sea Cadets received 5th Bar to his Cadet Forces Medal in honour of his long service.

Lt Cdr Frank Cea received his Queen’s Commissioning Scroll as HQ Staff Officer for Boats.

Full results are available here

National Band Competition

National Band Competition

The Massed Bands of the Southern Area took the honours as the Sea Cadets’ bi-annual National Band Competition saw some the corps’ best musicians show their high standards within the historic setting of the Tower of London.

With cadets based in the Folkestone & Hythe, Sheppey, New Romney and Herne Bay area and led by bandmaster Sub Lieutenant (SCC) Adam Smith RNR, the Massed Bands of the Southern Area took the major prizes including the Eason Bassett Goblet for Best Band.

In addition, 16 year-old Able Cadet Callum from Folkestone took the honours as he was crowned Best Solo Bugler and Best Solo Drummer in the morning’s soloist categories.

The Massed Bands of the South West Area won Silver as Best Runner-Up, while Weston-Super-Mare took Bronze.

Southern Area were also named Best Dressed Band, Best Corps of Drums, Best Bugle Section and received trophies for Best Musical Display and Best Marching Display.

There was success too for Portland’s Able Cadet William who won Best Original Composition for “Une Source D’Inspiration” which was performed by the Massed Bands of the South West Area.

Able Cadet Walls was named Best Drum Major for his work at the head of Ellesmere Port Sea Cadets.

Ten prize categories were awarded as some of the most talented cadets and volunteers, performed in front of friends, family and the watching public.

Proceedings were watched over by a judging panel made up of senior members of the Royal Marines Bands Service led by Lt Cdr (SCC) Ali Bowen-Davies

Those taking part were just some of the nearly 15,000 cadets and 9,000 volunteers who are part of the charity which seeks to give focus and add new adventures to young lives in the UK.        

Captain Philip Russell, RN, Captain, Sea Cadets who took the salute at the traditional end of competition march-past, said; “It was a terrific day and credit goes to the cadets in the bands from up and down the country who made it to London, particularly those who travelled large distances.”

“Congratulations go to the Massed Bands of the Southern Area who have done very well for the second band competition in a row. They deserve every success. It takes hours of practice and above all, nerve to perform at such a venue as the Tower of London and everyone who took part should be thoroughly proud of themselves.”

Martin Coles, CEO, Sea Cadets said; “Of course the stars were the cadets and volunteers who were as amazing as ever, both in the standard of music and indeed backstage. Thank you to the volunteers who entered bands and ensured such a good day.”

“It was a first-class event which I hope entertained the watching crowds as much as those connected to the Sea Cadets.”



BEST SOLO BUGLER for The Silver Bugle Trophy:

GOLD: Able Cadet Callum (Folkestone & Hythe, Massed Bands of the Southern Area)


BEST SOLO DRUMMER for The Alan Wain Brass Drum Trophy:

GOLD: Able Cadet Callum (Folkestone & Hythe, Massed Bands of the Southern Area)


BEST DRESSED BAND for The City of Plymouth Cup

WINNER: Massed Bands of the Southern Area

BEST ORIGINAL COMPOSITION for the Seamans Cutter Cup:

WINNER: Leader Cadet William (Portland Sea Cadets, Massed Bands of South West Area) for “Une Source D’Inspiration”


BEST CADET DRUM MAJOR for the Directors Award:

GOLD: Able Cadet Walls (Ellesmere Port Sea Cadets)

SILVER: (Jointly awarded) Able Cadet Owen (Southport Sea Cadets) & Leading Cadet Elise (Sheppey Sea Cadets, Massed Band of Southern Area)

BEST CORPS OF DRUMS for the Haynes Shield:

WINNER: Massed Bands of the Southern Area

BEST MARCHING DISPLAY for the Display Trophy:

WINNER: Massed Bands of the Southern Area

BEST MUSICAL DISPLAY for the Sumner Shield:

WINNER: Massed Bands of the Southern Area


BEST BUGLE SECTION for the Bugle Section:

WINNER: Massed Bands of the Southern Area



BRONZE: Weston-Super-Mare Sea Cadets



SILVER: Massed Bands of the South West Area


BEST ALL-ROUND BAND for the Eason Bassett Goblet

GOLD: Massed Bands of the Southern Area

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