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Save our teenagers from getting lost before life's even started

Today's world is tougher on teenagers. In a changing, often overwhelming world, too many teenagers are struggling. Feeling hopeless, lonely, a failure already. By supporting our charity you can change this.

You can help a young person become resilient and confident. So they don’t crumble when the unexpected happens. And they can resist pressure and make positive choices.

I've learned at Sea Cadets to step back to see how I'm doing things and how I can improve. I don't fall down when theres a knock, I just try harder Sea Cadet Ryan, 17, Oxford 

We have the skills to help

Through giving a donation, you can help young people to launch well in today’s world. Whatever their background, and whatever they want to do when they leave school.

Because we use your support to help a struggling teenager become someone who can talk to anyone. Give new things a go even if it’s a bit scary. Make friends. Someone who is organised. Responsible. A leader people want to follow. Who can listen and do better at school. Go on to higher education. And find and keep a job.

How to donate

As an individual charity, part of the national Sea Cadets, your support is vital to our unit. We rely on the goodwill of our local community and businesses for financial support to help us keep the doors open.

Please donate directly to our unit using the red 'Donate Today' button at the top of each page. We appreciate every donation, large or small, as they all enable us to keep striving to help local young people launch well in life.

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