District Regatta 2018!

7 June 2018

Oxon & Bucks district regatta 2018!

On the 4th June 2018, most of our cadets went to Thames Valley Park in Reading, for the Oxon & Bucks District Regatta. A regatta holds different races for: Rowing and Paddlesport and boat handling events for: Power and Rowing.

Overall, we came:

  • 1st in Powerboat Handling Competition
  • 2nd in Senior (15y+) Paddlesport 500m Sprint
  • 2nd in Junior (12-15y) Rowing

Our win for the powerboat handling means that our crew: Able Cadet Young, Cadet Timblick-Statham and Cadet Stacey will be going to HMS Excellent, Whale Island, Portsmouth to compete in the Area Power Handling Competition, where there are at least 7 entries to the competition.

A huge thank you to Milton Keynes unit for putting on some excellent food for us, and also a big well done to all of the cadets for how well behaved they were, not being late to any races, and being good rolemodels in general. Well done to you all! The staff, and everybody at the unit are extremely proud of the effort put in over the weekend, and we hope to see you all again next year!

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Letter from the Area Officer

20 May 2018

Letter from the Area offcier - reference the rnp

On the 10th May, We recieved a letter from the Area Officer - Commander Trevor Price BSc MA PGCE RN, thanking us for hosting him at our RNP on the 8th May. Below is the letter we recieved:

Thank you for hosting me so superbly last night at your RNP. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening, especially meeting and chatting to all the cadets; they are a credit to your unit. Thank you also to the volunteers who so kindly provided the refreshments, they rounded off the evening perfectly.

TS Marlborough is going from strength to strength, dedicated and committed staff, a vibrant and exciting programme and a new minibus! The cadets have worked hard and delivered a good and heartfelt RNP. Particular praise goes to your Parade Commander who was excellent. BZ.

Recieving this letter shows us that the hard work that the staff and cadets have put in has paid off, and impressed the Area Officer. It lets us know that the hard work that we had put in over the weeks before the RNP has been worth it, and put on a good show for the Area Officer, the District Officer, VIPs, Unit Supporters and Parents. All of these people work together to make the Sea Cadets and Abingdon Unit run, but we definitely couldn't do it without the commitment and dedication that our cadets show, not only to planning the RNP, but to ironing their uniform, and putting in their 100% effort to every aspect of the event.


Mayor's Cadet for the year 2018

20 May 2018

Able cadet young becomes mayors cadet for 2018

On 9th May 2018, Able Cadet Young, Able Cadet Ball, the Commanding Officer, and our Chairperson attended the mayor making ceremony in St Helen's Church, in Abingdon-on-Thames. It was an interesting evening, with people on the council being appointed to Chairman and Vice-chairman to different roles, and the new Mayor being appointed.

The outgoing mayor, Cllr Alice Badcock, gave a certificate and best wishes to Able Cadet Ball, our outgoing mayors cadet. As the new mayor was appointed, Cllr Margaret Crick, she appointed her charities for the year, and her Mayor's cadets. One of her cadets was Able Cadet Charlie Young, who had only been formally rated up the previous evening, in our RNP (Royal Naval Parade).

Our best wishes go out to Able Cadet Young, and we hope he has an interesting year supporting the Mayor through her different events.

Abingdon SCC RNP for 2018

20 May 2018

Abingdon Sea cadets RNP for 2018

Every 2 years in the Sea Cadets, every unit must hold an RNP (Royal Naval Parade). This is where the Area Officer -Commander Trevor Price RN visits the unit to recommend to the Captain Sea Cadets (Captain Phillip Russell) whether we are due a Pennant or Burgee for that year. The evening comprises of a formal colours routine with a Guard, a Cadet presentation to show the VIPs, Parents and Unit Supporters what we do at the unit, and presentations, which is cadet awards (Cadet of the Year, Best Dressed Cadet, Mark Pether Award for Band etc.), and a Pennant or Burgee based on what we had achieved the previous year.

However, this is not all that happens in an RNP. The District Officer visits the unit with the CO, XO, and Committee present to talk about what the unit has achieved that year, and what we can improve on. This meeting with the DO, and the RNP altogether make up whether we are awarded a Pennant or Burgee for this year.

Overall, the evening went really well, and below you can see some photos of the Colours, Cadet Presentations, Awards and Evening colours.

Abingdon Airshow 2018

20 May 2018

Abingdon Airshow Recruitment event

On the 6th May 2018, A minibus full of cadets drove down to the Abingdon Airshow to do some recruiting, have a look around and buy an ice cream! It was really hot on the day, so most of us were in the cool shade of the gazebo until it was our turn to step into the sun, and hand out leaflets to the passers by.

We also happened to be next to the Royal Navy stand, where there was a 20mm Oerlikon Naval Gun, which lots of our cadets enjoyed having a go on. Also, a couple of our cadets decided that they were interested in a career in the Royal Navy, which is always brilliant to hear!

Here are some photos from the day:

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