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New Mayors Cadet!


Last Wednesday, Lauren officially became the Mayor's Cadet for our unit. We are very proud to have Lauren in our unit, and we are sure she will progress further and keep her high standards with her. This is a great achievement for Lauren, and she has worked very hard to earn this. Congratulations! This is an achievement that we hope all of our Cadets will achieve when the chance arises, just as Lauren has. Thank You to Chief Young and PO Bowes for attending, we hope that you enjoyed the event, and celebrating Lauren's achievement.

Captain Sea Cadets Visit - 2016!

On December 6th, 2016, Captain Phillip Russell Ma MSc CEng CMarEng FIMarEST MRINA RN visited our unit on his tour of all of the UK units. It was a great privilege to welcome him to the unit, and meet all of our Cadets and Staff. There was Question and Answer session with all of the Cadets and they showed him some of the activities that we undertake at Abingdon unit. As with every unit, he took a selfie to post online! Here is the photo:


Remembrance Day - 2016 News

remembrance Sunday parade 2016


The Parade and Church Service

A big congratulations to all cadets, staff, parents and supporters for helping out with today's Remembrance Sunday Parade and getting to the unit at 9 am! To start, the cadets were inspected by PO Best to make sure that their Number 1's and Junior Uniform were pristine, practised remove headgear, should they have needed it, fell in, and marched from the unit, to St Helens Church.

Thank You to:

PO Best and CPO Young did a great job of keeping the squad looking good, keeping them all in time, and keeping their dressings. 

PO Bowes and PO Adams for keeping traffic under control.

Unit Assistants and Parents for supporting the cadets and generally helping out.

There were two cadets that had other jobs today, Ordinary Cadet Ball who laid the wreath on behalf of the Unit, and Cadet 1st Class Young who was carrying the unit standard.

After the parade in Abingdon had finished, the cadets headed back to the unit for a warm cup of soup and hot dogs, before they headed off, to lay a wreath at the Close Care Home.


Wreath Laying at the Close Care Home

We were invited to lay a wreath at the Close Care Home, and this task was completed excellently by Junior Cadet Timblick-Statham, congratulations to him for carrying that out so well. To all of the cadets, a huge well done for the whole day, and also to all who attended the care home. All the cadets did really well today, and we are very proud of them. At the care home, the cadets also had cakes and drinks. Lucky Them!

Overall, the cadets should all be very proud of themselves, as they did really well today, and let's keep it that way for next year, and years to come! Once again, thank you for everybody who attended today, and let's be ready for the next big parade!



News from the Unit

News from the Unit




We would like to thank all Parents, Carers, Guardians, those Cadets who have left in the past 2 years and all of the Staff and Committee members that have also moved on to pastures new for turning up and we hope that you all enjoyed yourselves.

The cadets did us proud taking this great opportunity to show use and our VIP guests all the hard work they have put in, and all the skills that they have learnt, in the 2 years since our last RNP.

Thank you to everyone that help on the day to get the unit ready and prepare the food.



Abingdon Sea Cadets- Charity Rowing

Abingdon Sea Cadets- Charity Rowing

On 17-21 April a team of Sea Cadets will be rowing the length of the Thames to raise funds to replace their flagship TS ROYALIST.

Whether at sea or on land, the Sea Cadets offers young people across the UK amazing opportunities for personal development - by learning new skills and working in teams - we offer an environment where young people find new confidence and inspiration.

Established in 1856 the Sea Cadets was created by communities wanting to give young people instruction on a naval theme. Traditionally old seafarers provided training while local businessmen funded the unit building.

Today, 14,000 young people based in 400 units in towns, cities and ports across the UK are challenging themselves and developing new skills, like sailing, boating and rock climbing - supported by 9,000 volunteers, biggest supporter is the Royal Navy, plus we receive corporate support from the commercial Maritime sector.

We run a fleet of small boats for training purposes, and have a fantastic flagship, TS ROYALIST, a Tall Ship which has, for the past 42 years, provided opportunities for 12-18 year-olds to experience life at sea in a unique environment, and pick up some very valuable sailing and life skills along the way.  Unfortunately, like all good things, ROYALIST is coming to an end and needs replacing. We have been lucky in securing a great deal of support from our many friends in the wider world of business and the community, but need to find a proportion of the replacement cost from our own resources.

To that end, a team of hardy souls from the Sea Cadets Headquarters, aided by Abingdon Sea Cadets (TS Marlborough), are rowing the length of the Thames, from Abingdon to Tower Bridge, between 17-21 April. Whilst this is going on, units from all over the country will also be rowing, paddling or finding other fun ways to cover the entire distance around the globe in order to help raise the funds to replace ROYALIST. The team will be leaving Abingdon at 7 am on the morning of Thursday 17th April.

Lieutenant Kev Anderson, as well as being a serving Naval Officer, currently at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, at Shrivenham, is the CO of TS Marlborough and will be one of the rowers going from Abingdon to London, whilst many of the unit’s staff and cadets will be found in Abingdon Market Place at the same time, on rowing machines, trying to row further than he does. 

Please consider helping him raise his target of £500, by either visiting, or you may wish to spend a pleasant day in Abingdon, and make a contribution to the team in Abingdon Market Place, on Saturday 20 April.

Many thanks