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Virtual Parading

Virtual Parading

During 2020 our unit has been closed, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, so our parade nights have been done virtually.

BZ to Lt Cdr Turner for arranging a fantastic talk on 'Children at the Battle of Trafalgar'.

We were joined by two special guests in Rear Admiral Tim Lowe RN CBE (Our Unit President) and Captain Phillip Russell RN (Captain of the Sea Cadets)

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Day 2019

'We will remember them'

Submariner Parade

Submariners Parade 2019

It's always an honour for TS Puma to be involved with the annual Submariners Remembrance Parade in London.

'We will remember them'


Weymouth AT Weekend

Some of cadets have achieved their Mountain Biking Level 1 or Rock Climbing Stage 1 badges during our weekend down to Weymouth.


We even managed to get a tour of our Offshore Vessel, TS Royalist, who happened to be visiting Weymouth too.

TS Puma Boating

Welsh Harp Weekend

As part of our boating activities, TS Puma took over the Welsh Harp boating station in Wembley for a weekend of Sailing, Paddlesports and raft building.

Winds were very high on Saturday, but the cadets still managed to get plenty of hours on the water, including some questionable rafts that resulted in many wet cadets.

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