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District drill and Piping competition

24 February 2018

Cadets and juniors took part in the District Drill and piping competition 

We had a Cadet piping team that came 4th out of 9 units

We had a junior piping team thar came 2nd out of 8 units

We had a unarmed drill squad that came 4th of of 9 units

Well done to everyone that took part, all your trianing and uniform prep paid off. 

Mayors visit

Mayors visit

TS Wyvern were invited to the council chamber! Cadets and Juniors learnt about the Mayors Mace and Badge. They visited the Mayors Parlour and found out what a Mayor does.


Change of Command

Change of Command


Sittingbourne Sea Cadet Unit has as new commanding officer. Chief Petty Officer (Scc) Graham Morris took over the Command of the unit on Monday Evening.

Lieutenant Commander (SCC) Mark Gambell has been a temporary CO since September after PO John Yaxley had to step down for family reasons.

CPO Morris has had a long connection with Sittingbourne sea cadets joining the unit as a cadet in 1985. It was during this time he met Mark Gambell who was already a cadet at the unit.

Graham worked his way up the rates during his time as a cadet and when he turned 18 volunteered as an instructor at the unit.

Graham temporarily left the sea cadet corps between 1991 and 2013 during his timeserving in the Royal Navy. He returned as an instructor at Maidstone unit before moving back to Sittingbourne a few years ago.

Graham said “Moving forward my aim is for the unit to grow in numbers and stature within the community while continuing to raise our standards. We will continue to ensure that all cadets have the same opportunity to take part in all activities available to them, also gaining academic and activity qualifications. Most importantly we want the cadets to have fun especially when boating.”

Cadet Christmas Dinner

Cadet Christmas Dinner

For the last night of the year cadets and juniors enjoyed a free christmas dinner.

This was held as a scaled down version of a mess dinner, cadets had rules to follow, those that broke the rules had to join together and sing to the rest of the ships comapny as a fine at the end of the meal.

At the end of the evening we had 'paper plate awards' for cadets and staff that have done some thing funny or memorial thoughtout the year

District Carol Service

District Carol Service

To get in the Christmas mood the cadets and staff joined the District Carol Service.

Cadets enjoyed taking part in the 12 days of Christmas song!