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(25 April '22) Forms going digital....

to try and cut down on paperwork we've designed and launched some forms for Cadets to use ...

To request Uniform scan this QR code and complete the form that pops up...

To express an interest in a Course or Event please scan the code below...





Our March newsletter with updates on what the Cadets and Volunteers at TS Fairmaid have been upto.

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Meet the First Sea Lord's Cadets for 2024

Meet the First Sea Lord's Cadets for 2024

Congratulations to the First Sea Lord's Cadets for 2024, a group of six incredibly talented individuals representing their areas. Ready to shine as ambassadors for Sea Cadets in official ceremonies and functions throughout the year. BZ! Read their full biographies here.

Eastern Area - Leading Cadet Chloe

London Area – Leading Cadet Millicent

Northern Area - Petty Officer Cadet Ashley

North West Area - Petty Officer Cadet Megan

Southern Area - Petty Officer Cadet Grace

South West Area - Leading Cadet William

Peregrine Trophy Photo Competition 2023

Peregrine Trophy Photo Competition 2023

Showcase your talent in the 2023 Royal Navy Peregrine Trophy Photo Competition! Unleash your creativity, showcase your skills, and be recognised for your unique perspective on the adventures that make our community so special.

Submit your entries to the cadet or volunteer category via before the deadline of 5 January 2024. Download the entry form here and familiarise yourself with the rules here.

Cadets support Royal Marines Family Day

Cadets support Royal Marines Family Day

Royal marines cadets from across the UK travelled to The Commando Training Centre to attend the Royal Marines Family Event. The cadets took part in an exciting inter-company 5-a-side competition as well as getting to watch the Royal Marines football team play against the Parachute Regiment’s squad. Cadets attended the stalls laid out on the parade square, took part in an air rifle competition, and watched various teams compete in tug-o-war. There was even an incredible fireworks display to round up a fun filled Saturday. 

On Sunday, the cadets paraded with veterans, current serving marines and recruits in front of the Commandant General Royal Marines who was very impressed with their smart turnout. The cadets were excited to be staying on the same base that they have seen on television and learned about in their lessons. They all felt a part of the Royal Marines Family!

Sea Cadets National Sailing Regatta 2023

Sea Cadets National Sailing Regatta 2023

Over 200 enthusiastic cadets and dedicated volunteers gathered at Southport for an action-packed weekend of aquatic adventures during this year’s National Sailing Regatta.

The picturesque coastal setting of Southport provided the perfect backdrop for cadets to showcase their sailing prowess, hone their skills, and forge new friendships. With a spotlight on dinghy sailing and windsurfing, each race was a thrilling spectacle, as cadets pushed their limits and learned valuable lessons along the way.

Congratulations to the overall winners of the regatta, Southern Area, who were awarded first place, recognizing their exceptional dedication and sailing prowess. BZ to everyone involved in making this year's regatta a resounding success! The event not only offered talented cadets an opportunity to showcase their abilities but also emphasized the enduring values of teamwork, discipline, and the spirit of adventure. Roll on next year’s regatta!

Full results below:


Oen RS Quest - Overall Winning Area - The RS Quest Trophy - South West Area

Junior RS Quest - Overall Winning Area - The Sailing Association Cup - London Area

Open Pico - Overall Winning Area - The Sporting Record Cup - Northern Area

Open Zest - Overall Winning Area - The TS Narvik Cup - Northern Area

Junior Topper - Overall Winning Area - The Dawson Cup - Southern Area

Overall Winning Area Dinghy Trophy - The Wilson and Kyle Cup - Northern Area


Up to 4.8m Class - The Sail Association (Plymouth) Cup - Eastern Area

Up to 5.8m Class - The Aylesbury Cup - Eastern Area

Up to 6.8m Class - The Wain Cup - Eastern Area

Overall Winning Area Windsurfing - The Dauntless Shield - Eastern Area

REGATTA OVERALL WINNING Area - The Navy League Cup - Southern Area

Sea Cadets National Combined Regatta 2023

Sea Cadets National Combined Regatta 2023

In a display of teamwork, determination, and maritime prowess, the Sea Cadets National Combined Regatta 2023 left participants and spectators in awe. This highly anticipated event brought together nearly 500 cadets from various corners of the country, accompanied by over 150 dedicated volunteers, creating an unforgettable spectacle of boat-handling, rowing, and paddle sports. 

From the moment the regatta's first race kicked off, it was clear that the cadets were fully prepared to showcase their skills on the water. The cadets demonstrated their mastery of boat-handling techniques, precision rowing, and finesse in paddle sports. The event's various categories highlighted the diversity of skills and talents present among the young sea cadets. 

Beyond the competitive spirit, the event exemplified the camaraderie that defines our community. The regatta provided a platform for cadets from different units to interact, share experiences, and forge friendships that transcend geographical boundaries. 

BZ to everyone involved and shout out to the winners:


Boys Junior Winners - The Nottingham Cup - London Area

Boys Open Winners - The Mike Poole Cup - Northern Ireland

Girls Junior Winners - The Barbara Simpson Cup - South West Area

Girls Open Winners - The Ulster Cup - Southern Area

Cross Challenge Stream - The Bell Davies Cup - Southern Area

Polo Winners - The Steggall Shield - Eastern Area

Overall Winning Area - Paddlesport - The Antrim & Down Cup - Southern Area

ROWING (Trinity)

Boys Junior Winners - The Ridgewell Cup - Eastern Area

Boys Open Winners - The Hornblower Cup - Northern Area

Girls Junior - The Wain 1999 Cup - Northern Ireland

Girls Open Winners - The Burton Cup - South West Area

Overall Winning Area - Rowing Trinity - The Trevor Dawson Cup


Junior Mixed- The Junior Mixed Trophy - South West Area

Open Mixed - The Luke Musselwhite Trophy - Northern Area

Single Open Boys - The Single Open Boys Cup - South West Area

Single Open Girls - The Singe Open Girls Cup - South West Area

Overall Winning Area - Rowing (Yole) - The Badger Cup - South West Area


Rowing Boat-handling - The Mitchell Trophy - Southern Area

Sailing Boat-handling - The P & O Trophy - North West Area

Power Boat-handling - The Stirling Wheel - London Area

Overall Winning Area - Boat-handling - The Stena Sealink Cup - Joint / Southern and South West

Overall Winning Area - Combined Regatta - The Navy League Cup - South West Area


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