Marine Engineering Pathway Appeal

Sea Cadets’ amazing Marine Engineering Pathway project needs your help today!

Over the past five years, Sea Cadets has been running the widely acclaimed Marine Engineering Project (MEP). But today we need your help to keep this project going. If you are able to donate, then you will be making a major contribution to children’s education and potentially inspiring the next generation of marine engineers. To reach each child costs us an average of £20 and next year we hope to run this fantastic scheme to 15,000 of them.

What MEP offers:

  • Free Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workshops for Key Stage 2-3 pupils (9-14) UK-wide.
  • Real-world marine engineering problems which are linked to National Curriculum concepts such as buoyancy and density.
  • Practical, interactive sessions to engage children’s imagination and curiosity, culminating in a ‘Build a boat’ challenge.
  • New for 2022-23: A series of workshops, leading to the British Science Association’s CREST Awards – the first STEM qualification for the engineers of the future

What we have achieved so far:

One pupil said ‘I think the presentation was amazing and I am seriously considering being a marine engineer.’

The MEP programme has achieved a great deal in a short time. As it fits with STEM it has given practical learning to all children who have attended, as well as being a fun way to learn about the unique components of marine engineering and planting a seed that it may lead to a career in future.

The programme has provided sessions to thousands of children and this quote from a teacher is indicative of a lot of the feedback we have had:

‘Jenny highlighted different subjects are all linked. I would like to have this workshop again and will recommend to other teachers. All the pupils engaged very well!’

While the programme is about inspiring each individual child, the statistics are impressive and show the impact of the programme overall:

  • Over 40,000 young people reached since 2016. (On track to reach over 56,000 by March 2022)
  • 61.5% of participants surveyed were inspired to learn more about STEM; 40.8% about marine engineering specifically.
  • Likelihood of teachers recommending the workshop to others: 9.63 on a scale of 1 to 10

Our plans for 2022/23

We aim to reach 15,000 children through MEP next year with half of these gaining a deep understanding of marine engineering and gaining an accredited qualification through the CREST award scheme.

But if we cannot raise the £300,000 (£20 per student) needed to fund MEP then those children will lose this unique and inspiring opportunity. So please, if you can, donate today. You will be helping to fund sessions another teacher described as:

‘Fabulous session. Excellent delivery. Brilliant content.’

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