There’s a huge shortage of engineers in the UK. We are doing our bit to help change that.

We have a tonne of experience; we train both cadets and volunteers in this, so it makes sense to share our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for this great career option where the world is your oyster.  

We’ve partnered with Seafarers UK,a chairty helping the maritme sector, to inspire Year 9 students  to choose STEM subjects at Options - so they can go on to see the career opportunities available. 

This mobile Marine Engineering Project is delivered  by our dedicated STEM team who travel the country delivering free taster sessions to schools, introducing them to the basic prinicples of marine engineering, like bouyancy and propulsion, as well as bringing access to accredited training for Sea Cadet units. 

“I really loved the workshop. I was thinking of a career in engineering, but didn’t think about the marine side. I might consider it now. I didn’t know much about marine engineering, but I do now, and found it interesting. It sounds like you can be really involved, and enjoy different experiences, which I like.”

Eimaan, Year 8

How we're doing

So far we’ve reached 7,000 students, and are on track to meet our target of 15,000 by 2019.

According to a survey carried out by Sea Cadets, 16% of students wanted to take triple science at GCSE, compared to 5% before the sessions. And 36% said they planned to study engineering; before the sessions, just over a quarter said the same.

“Students enjoyed the balance between theory and practical application and engaged well with the process, developing their self-confidence, communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills”.

Andy Troup, Year Eight Tutor and Head of Science

Find out more

If you’re a school that would like a visit, or would like to discuss how we can help please get in touch:

Dan Simons, STEM programme manager
t: 07738808716 
or e: 



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