The #iwill campaign is represented by 150 inspirational young ambassadors, including cadets. They are all 10 to 20 years old, and are leading fantastic social action in their communities, such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering.

Sea Cadets has joined more than 700 business, education and voluntary sector partners committed to embedding social action into the lives of young people.

“As a sea cadet, I often used to volunteer to do bag packing at Morrison’s in Chingford in support of various local causes. At school, I help out at various school events, as well as being Deputy Head Boy, a Prefect, and part of the Student Voice leadership team. I’m also an accelerated reading mentor, helping children in Year 7 and Year 8 who find reading difficult, and I’ve singlehandedly run an inclusive drama club since 2013. I think social action has really helped me become a more rounded, caring and considerate person.” -

George, sea cadet and #iwill ambassador

Our pledge

We play a key role in the #iwill campaign, helping sea cadets get involved in youth social action in the UK.

It's likely you will already be doing social action through community action, peer education, fundraising or by using your voice to influence change.

We want more cadets to become social action leaders as #iwill ambassadors in their communities and shout about the great work they are doing

“Sea Cadets pledges to continue to support young people and to offer an environment where they can feel inspired and find new confidence in themselves through the amazing opportunities for personal development we offer. Being a Sea Cadet gives young people the tools they need to help them launch into adult life and play a positive role in their communities.”  

Sea Cadets’ #iwill pledge

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