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Who's Who

30 April 2018

Unit Organisation


Commanding Officer                               Sub Lieutenant (SCC) Robert Duncan RNR              

Executive Officer                                     Petty Officer (SCC) Greg Brown

Detachment Commander                       Sergeant (SCC) Terrie L Hamilton

Unit Training Officer                               Vacant

Junior Training Officer                           Petty Officer (SCC) Stephanie Walker

Instructional Staff                                   Lieutenant (SCC) Bill Mullin RNR

                 Petty Officer (SCC) Campbell Douglas

                 Petty Officer (SCC) Wilma O’Hare

                 Sergeant (SCC) Daniel King

                 Sergeant (SCC) Luis Graham

                 Sergeant (SCC) Johnnie Soutter

                 Civilian Instructor Ewan McColm

                 Civilian Instructor Christopher Andrews



Unit Management Team


Chairperson                                              Mr Robin Long

Secretary                                                  Mrs Fiona Garry

Treasurer                                                  Mrs Michelle Hutchison

Trustee                                                      Mr Greig Douglas



District Organisation


District Officer                                         Lieutenant Commander (SCC) Peter McDonald RNR

Deputy District Officer                           Lieutenant Commander (SCC) Martyn G Clark RNR

Assistant District Officer                       Lieutenant Commander (SCC) James Hearl RNR

Assistant District Officer                       Lieutenant (SCC) Tom Plummer RNR

District Training Officer                         Sub Lieutenant (SCC) Robert Duncan RNR

District Recreation Officer                    Sub Lieutenant (SCC) Jordan Brown RNR

District Warrant Officer                         Warrant Officer 2 (SCC) Alan Candlish RNR


Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

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