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What past Cadets Say about us

What past Cadets Say about us

  • "Thank you for an amazing 6 years full of great friends, memories and opportunities!"
  • "A big thank you to you all for encouraging me and supporting me throughout the 8 years I have been a cadet. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of my time with you all and I will never forget all the opportunities I have been given" 
  • "THANK YOU!. I've had the most amazing past 7 years in cadets! I can't believe I've stuck at something for so long when all my friends thought I'd quit within a week! I've met people I hope to be in contact with for a long time and I want to thank all the staff for all their amazing support and time".
Cadets getting ready for their on the water activities.

Back to boating

After 2 years of immense efforts by all the staff and tremendous loyalty from the cadets the unit is back to boating activities as we remember them. Here we see lots of the boats out. Whether its rowing or sailing dinghys or single handers there's lots for everyone to get involved in at Harrogate Sea Cadets.

Working as a team on the Bridge of TS John Jerwood

Harrogate Sea Cadets Week afloat

Sea cadets from Harrogate Unit have returned from the adventure of a lifetime on board TS John Jerwood, one of national youth charity Sea Cadets’ offshore vessels.

12 Cadets aged 12-15, enjoyed working together on a ship in a fun and supervised environment and learnt to steer the ship, navigate and plot the progress on a chart, get involved in mooring the ship, visit 5 different seaside towns and have time ashore in all of them. They also saw HMS Queen Elizabeth and even enjoyed helping out with the catering and washing up! They travelled from Harrogate  to Portsmouth , spending five days at sea between 25 March and 1st April and had the unique experience of being the only cadets on board which allowed for greater teamwork and getting to know other cadets in the unit. Working together as a team allowed them to see how much serious fun can be had even in a supervised environment and opens up to them new ideas about careers in any of the armed, maritime or emergency services.

Fundraising for The Sea  Cadet Family

Fundraising for The Sea Cadet Family

Meet top fundraiser Lorraine! She’s taking on the Nidderdale way, a massive 60 miles in total, in 2 days. That’s the equivalent of 2 marathons in 2 days!

Inspired to help Sea Cadets stay open, she’s raising funds for Sea Cadets’ Emergency Appeal.

In Lorraine’s words:

“I have decided to walk/run the Nidderdale way. It is a 53 mile circular walk through Nidderdale and starts 3.5 miles from where I live so that makes a lovely round 60 miles. It is recommended to allow 3-5 days to walk it so I am going to attempt to do it in 2!

We have been involved with Sea Cadets through our son for the past 3+ years. They are an amazing organisation who offer young people from the age of 10, no matter who they are or what their background, a massive array of opportunities. From sailing and rowing in the summer and on and off short residential courses to the weekly parades and band practices. Sea Cadets learn the importance of discipline and respect whilst having fun and have the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills valuable in adult life as well as gaining leadership skills and independence and making new friends.

Due to Covid-19 the units have lost 6 months of fundraising to keep the units going whilst still providing the cadets with support though virtual meetings, challenges and sailing. All the positions are volunteers who give up so much of their time, energy and knowledge. I wanted to set a challenge for myself to do something to give back to those volunteers and cadets to help raise the lost income to keep the units running.”

Support Lorraine via JustGiving.

Could August be the month you get moving for Sea Cadets? Get involved! 

Harrogate and District Sea Cadet Corps marching back to the Unit HQ after Remembrance Sunday

The Sea Cadet Family

This is a picture of the members of the Unit marching back to the headquarters of Harrogate and District Sea Cadets in Springfield Mews Harrogate. In the band you will see young cadets  and older ones, some adults in the band and others enthusiastically following alongside. Behind the band you will see cadets who today are marching behind but tomorrow or next month may be sailing or rowing, taking command of a squad of other cadets or doing a weeks course at a naval base learning engineering or power boating or first Aid. There is something for everyone in Harrogate and District Sea Cadets, whatever your abilities, age or interests. We have great volunteers to instruct and encourage you backed up by a team of Trustees who make sure you are safe, have plenty of resources and the Charity is well run. Whether you want to join us as a cadet or an adult volunteer get in touch with us at the unit (see contact details) and we will make you very welcome.

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