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Cadets Carry Out Community Service

That’s not ‘community service’ in the legal sense but as part of the Cadets’ training programme where Cadets are encouraged to go out into the community and help other people. On this occasion, Nicola Hepple, Assistant Manager at the Discovery Centre, had asked for the Cadets to help in moving the extensive stock of library books from the Discovery Centre, down three flights of stairs and across the road to the Community Centre where the new library will be located.

 As arranged, 9 Cadets and 2 adults mustered at the Discovery Centre at 1030 on Saturday morning and were briefed by Nicola, the best part of which was where the Cadets were informed that, on completion of the task, the Cadets would be supplied with ‘tea and stickies’ in the best Naval tradition. The Discovery Centre staff also entered into the spirit of the event by dressing up as pirates.

 Nicola then lead her team of enthusiastic Cadets away to begin the task and, in very short order, the books were flying off the shelves and were on their way to the Community Centre.

 When the task was successfully completed to Nicola’s satisfaction she thanked the Cadets for all their effort and good humour and, true to her word, the promised ‘tea and stickies’ materialised, which all the Cadets agreed was the best part of the event.

 The Cadets taking part were:-Petty Officer Cadet Rich, Ordinary Cadet Killeen, OC Barry, OC Sherman, Cdt. Kitcherman, Cdt. A Frasle, Cdt. F Frasle, Cdt Sherman, Cdts. J and J King and Junior Cdt. First Class Hatch.

Three cadets, LC Rich, AC Fieldsend and AC...

Three cadets, LC Rich, AC Fieldsend and AC...

Day 1

Arrived on board just before 14:00 where we met all the other cadets. We was given a safety breif and fitted with our harnesses so we could then do the up and over drill. The up and over drill involved climbing up the rattlings to the firts platform moving over then climbing down the rattlings on the other side. Joe chose not to do thi this due to a fear of heights so took photos of us.

In the vening we had an icebreaker to get to know everyone and was then read a nedtime story.

Day 2

Up at 07:00 and the first job of the day...peeling potatoes and carrots for dinner. We was then all mustered ready to meet the crew and to have briefings from the bosun. sailing master and captain.

Sailing our of Portsmouth harbour we could see people looking from the shore impressed with such a beautiful ship, we put ip the sails ahd headed for Cowes. On the way we prepared ourselves for many shouts of 'bracing stations' at which we had to ready ourselves on the sheets in order to be able to tack the boat. While sailing we did plently of man overboard drills (with some necessary first aid performed on our casualty!)

We sailed into Cowes, once alongside the sails had to be stowed by this time we was getting pretty good at one handed clove hitches. After dinner it was an eveing of singing together...not quite sure how in tune we was!!!

Day 3

After morning shore leave we headed back to Gosport and anchored in Osborne Bay for lunch in the sun. The sail back was great with plenty of wind and would have been quite relaxing without the regular shouts of bracing satations, but we sailed around the forts a few times to make the most of the good weather.

Day 4

Before leaving for Weymouth we went up the harbour for fuel, waving to the boat station as we passed although it didnt wave back!!! We had to do watches all the way to Weymouth to look out for bouys, other boats etc. and we reached Weymouth at around 01:30, being on watch was good fun but very cold.

Day 5

Went out for a sail around Weymouth Bay and was met by the 2 SCC Yachts who launched water bombs at us, we set up the fire hose to get them back but soaked the bosun instead.

As we didnt have much wind to sail we put some music on the tannoy and everyone danced to the YMCA and Macarena on deck which was great fun but the Captain did give us a few odd looks. On returning to Weymouth we stowed the sails and three of us continued up to the top gallant to stow the sail, there was an amazing view of Weymouth from there and found that our legs were no longer shaking.

Day 6

We had the camera man on board who was going to make a new film of the Offshore Fleet and how it benefits cadets. We had briefings on how things work on the ship, some bits more practical than others. As this was the last day we had to do Captains rounds by cleaning the ship immacuately and we all had our own places to clean. LC Rich had the upper deck, AC Fieldsend had the mess deck and AC Jacobs the heads. the Captain was very impressed and passed the everywhere as 'ship shape' first time. For our last evening we did a sods opera which was mainly taking the mickey out of the staff!!

Day 7

After breakfast the shopping for the following weeks course turned up so we made a long chain to get it from the van to the store room.

We then had the course debried and given our certificates and badges, all three of us had achieved Offshore Hand Grade 1.

We was all quite upset about leaving TS Royalist as we had had such a great time and made so many new friends, luckily for facebook and other cadet courses we can keep in touch.