Emergency appeal


Emergency Covid-19 Appeal 

We need to urgently raise half a million pounds to support 15,000 children. 

In over 400 communities across the UK, Sea Cadets is suffering the impact of Covid-19. We need to raise a communal pot of money so we can:

- Support units that face six months of no income
- Develop & deliver digital programmes
- Ensure cadet access to digital delivery regardless of affordability
- Deliver Covid-19 Secure regeneration

Providing the much-needed support will cost £1million. We need to raise half of this to make it happen.


What will happen if it isn’t raised? 

- Units will be at risk of closure
- Without digital programmes our cadets will have lost their social and educational opportunities
- Without preparing for regeneration after Covid-19 our cadets will lose out on the adventure that comes from life in Sea Cadets

How your funding will help 

Your donation, no matter how small, will go to a local unit so they can cover vital costs until they reopen.  

Every donation received will form a fund which will be allocated to local Sea Cadets groups across the UK, ensuring they survive.

Why are Sea Cadets groups hit so hard?  

Local Sea Cadets groups rely on donations from their communities, and their parents.  

Often Sea Cadets groups fundraise at local events in the summer months, this is where the good will of their communities helps fund their work with local young people throughout the year. 

However, with these events cancelled, Sea Cadets groups have nowhere to turn. As small charities in their own right, their voice small, but together we can support them. 


Sea Cadets in the community 

Working with 15,000 young people spread across the country Sea Cadets is present in some of the communities most in need of effective youth work, with groups in 75% of the local authorities which contain the most left behind neighbourhoods.  

In the 20 local authorities with the highest rates of crime we know more than half of the Sea Cadets in those areas are from less well-off backgrounds. 

Sea Cadets work with young people  

From our 2018 Impact Report and 2020 Wellbeing Survey, we know the effect Sea Cadets has on young people.  


During lockdown, Sea Cadets’ Impact hasn’t stopped.  

  • 85% of units virtually active to be precise 

  • From 17 March we’ve seen more than 650 cadets gain promotions 
  • And more than 800 gained qualifications! 

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