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Gonzalo and The Bermuda Regiment Support

Gonzalo and The Bermuda Regiment Support

In August 2014 at least 30 management trainees from The Bank of Butterfield donated their afternoon to paint the outside of TS Venture commonly known as Forrester Hall in support of helping TS Venture get their building back to a functional state to hold regular Friday evening meetings. This has not been possible because the building has been in a bad state for a number of years. They spent half a day helping TS Venture Cadets paint the outside of the building which had never been painted before. This was a big help to Sea Cadets and it served as a catalyst for us to continue to fix the inside of the building once we had sufficient funds through a capital funding raising campaign. 

During Gonzalo we lost 70 percent of the TS Venture roof which has delayed our drive to finish the building. So far the building had new electrics and plumbing. The Bermuda Regiment helped secure the roof temporally and our landlord Wedco are in the process of fixing the roof in January 2015.

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