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Sea Cadets are delighted to join the National Children’s Bureau and pledge our support to the #GiveUsACHANCEllor campaign, which seeks to lobby the Government to put children and young people at the heart of future government spending plans. 

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, is currently planning on how Government will spend their money in the next few years, so now is a vital time for everyone at Sea Cadets to air their voice and ask for Government to recognise young people as a vital strategic cause they need to invest in.  

As a charity that works in 75% of the local authorities which contain the most left behind neighbourhoods in the UK, we know how important funding is in improving young people’s lives. 

 We need to make sure that all children and young people have equal opportunities in life regardless of their circumstances, and after Covid-19 young people need more support than ever.  

By pledging support for the #GiveUsACHANCEllor campaign you stand for:  

  • helping young people to find suitable jobs or apprenticeships by investing in schemes, organisations and companies that can provide these opportunities  

  • improving mental health support for young people 

  • investing in youth services and giving councils the money to re-open local libraries and community centres 

  • better public transport across the whole of the country  

But by joining the campaign you will also help us ask the Government to: 

  • Listen to the issues that we are raising in this statement 

  • Prioritise spending that protects young people’s futures 

  • Responding to us to tell us how this Government is making decisions with children and young people in mind 

How can you get involved?  

Sea Cadets’ CEO, Martin Coles, along with our First Sea Lord Cadets have already signed an open letter to Government on behalf of Sea Cadets as a leading national youth organisation. 

However, your voice can be heard too! We need you to sign the open letter to our chancellor and post the following on social media. Together with thousands of other young people across the UK you will be seen by the leaders of our Government.  


Post the following on your social media accounts if you have any:  

#GiveUsACHANCEllor We want Govt. money spent on mental health, help to find jobs or apprenticeships & better local youth services, libraries; community centres. If you are aged 25 and under or a parent sign our plea to Rishi Sunak to put #ChildrenAtTheHeart #SeaCadets 

Summer Active with Sea Cadets

Summer Active with Sea Cadets

In August the Summer Active programme has seen 2,059 Cadets return to boating in paddlesports, rowing, kayaking, and sailing sessions. With participation of 150 units across 17 venues.

Well done to all cadets who took part and the volunteers and instructors who made this Summer Active! Doing what Sea Cadets does best back on the water.

Snapped is a junior cadet Dinghy Sailing, taken at the last day of Summer Active at the Cheddar Reservoir boating hub.

Hear from parents who got in touch to tell us about their children’s experiences boating:

My son had an absolute blast out on the water and is properly tired for the first time this summer..... 
He has missed all the cadet activity so much. “ Charlie, Weymouth. 
 “Thank you so much for today. You've put in a huge amount of effort to get this going, even more than we realised - and we are so very grateful. “ Karen, Glastonbury.

Flitwick volunteers fundraising after vandalism

Flitwick volunteers fundraising after vandalism

Locally 60 young people from Flitwick and Ampthill attend their local Sea Cadets unit.

You can imagine their shock when they found out during lockdown their local unit was attacked by vandals. Causing extreme damage to their unit minibus, which takes them on boating and camping trips. On top of this, every window was broken in the unit, adding thousands of pounds of damages to repair. 

That's where Katharine Ward, JC Dominic and OC Nathanael stepped in to urgently fundraise for their unit. They took to their bikes to do the Virtual RideLondon, Cycling the comparable distance of Surrey - London, in their local area. 
Sea Cadets' units are small charities in their own right who rely on donations from their community to keep running for young people locally. To show your support to Flitwick unit visit their fundraising page here. 

Katharine said: "Flitwick and Ampthill gives young people a place to belong, learn and grow. The unit is staffed by local volunteers who work incredibly hard to provide this. I am shocked that people out there would want to cause damage to an organisation that are working so hard to do good for young people."

Virtual Trafalgar Day 2020

Virtual Trafalgar Day 2020

Join the Trafalgar Day parade this year in a national virtual salute!

This year you are invited to put your best salute forward to the Virtual Trafalgar Day, to commemorate  Lord Nelson's victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, and the importance of the Royal Navy.
We're calling on cadets and units to submit a virtual salute to be included in the official Trafalgar Day video; airing on Trafalgar Day on the Sea Cadets UK social media platforms.
We hope cadets will come together with us, and the 400 units nationwide, in showing solidarity for this important day.
For the best chance to be included please follow the video guidelines below.
It’s your chance to appear on the national Sea Cadets stage!

  • Film in portrait mode on a smartphone or camera.
  • Please wear your uniform, working or best, with headwear.
  • Please send in the name, rank, and unit name so we can caption this on the national film.
  • And most importantly, salute like it’s to Lord Nelson himself!

We’ll be accepting video submissions until 1 October.
How to show your stuff!
Send your video to via email.
If the file is too large to send via email, please contact  to request a link to directly upload the video to our server.

The 75th anniversary of VJ Day

The 75th anniversary of VJ Day

Join Sea Cadets in commemorating the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day. 15 August marks 75 years since the official end of the Second World War. 

Download your Sea Cadets VJ pack here. Inside you'll find the schedule for the day and activities to commemorate the anniversary.

Get involved with our fact-finding quizzes, ration recipes, and memorial garden commemoration activities.

Share your VJ day with us @SeaCadetsUK and #VJDay75 #SeaCadetsVJDay

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