As a multi-faith, non-denominational charity, we embrace all faiths and seek to work alongside young people and adults. In doing so our chaplaincy aims to spread the Corps values and support cadets and adults as they embrace new challenges. Throughout the Sea Cadets, chaplains appointed from clergy, lay readers and others with an authorised ministry work with each Unit to provide moral, spiritual and pastoral guidance

Chaplains serve all faith communities and work alongside young people and adults to provide guidance and leadership in spiritual, moral and community matters.

If you would like to volunteer as a Sea Cadet Chaplain please get in touch here:

Our Chaplain is the Reverend Sue Astbury, sue is very active in the local boating community around the Teign estuary and has been a rowing club coxswain for over 20 years; Sue was instrumental in arranging the recent Queens Diamond Jubilee parade of boats along the river Teign.

The Bishop of Crediton, “Bishop Bob” has supported a number of our events, here he and the Principal of Teignmouth Community School Mr Tony Gray, unveil a further memorial plaque at the Units flag deck situated at the entrance to the school and is a joint community project.









 Our Unit Church is St. James the Less in West Teignmouth; our connection to the Church is through the Pellew family, though originally Saxon in origin the church was extensively rebuilt between 1820 and 1825 with money donated from Admiral Sir Edward Pellew first Viscount Exmouth of Canonteign, who lived nearby at Bitton House and was a prominent member of the congregation.

The church though Georgian has a very unusual design, the main nave is octagonal with what appears to be a very Moorish influence, the outside castellated surmounted by a small central tower; it is speculation to surmise that the overall effect is similar to the castle mole at Algiers which Sir Edward attacked with a combined fleet in 1816 to free over 3000 christian slaves held by the Algerian “Barbary State Pirates”, at the same time the “Rivera” reading rooms on Teignmouth sea front was also being built as a memorial to this famous bombardment and victory by Pellew, however this was paid for by Public subscription.


Inside the church there is a memorial area to Pellew instigated by the Unit, along with the last ensign to fly above the now closed HMS Pellew outside of Exeter.




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