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The location of the Salisbury Sea Cadets unit is on the banks of he River Avon upstream from Wiltshire College. The old unit was constructed in 1969 largely from the remains of the pre-war Harnham School . In the past the cadet unit has opened its doors to local groups such as the local Royal Naval Association for its meetings and , a local driving instructors group. We have also hosted young bands so that they may have somewhere to practice. The old building was tired and old and in much need of replacement, with a sinking roof a lot of weight being forced onto the old structure when for the last five years was supported by steel stanchions, it was no longer a viable option to keep repairing. So now it is completed we hope that the new building may help us continue to work with the young people of the Salisbury District for many more years to come. The new building has helped to enhance the Churchill gardens and with a larger main deck it will attract other community groups. we have already taken bookings for the unit. It has six greatly improved classrooms and a galley. But, most of all it is modern. We have one of the most modern cadet units therefore allowing us to run courses at the weekend for cadets in the Southern Area and the UK.

Meet our Unit Staff.

Lt Cdr (SCC) C G Hackett RNR : Commanding Officer


My name is Clive Hackett. I have been the Commanding Officer of the  Salisbury Sea Cadets Unit for the past 32 years. I joined the unit as a boy moving through the ranks to Cadet Petty Officer. I took over the unit reluctuntly and managed with various staff over the years from introducing girls to the unit the RMCD and finally our Juniors when I had the new unit opened. We make good use of the river next to the unit for both kayacking and rowing which is by far our best activities as can be seen by the number of National Championships we have won. However, the important thing from my position is that the cadets have a happy and safe environment to learn and have fun. Meet new friends, bond on the traditions of the Royal Navy.


Lt (SCC) M Dibben : 1st Lieutenant

Lt Dibben is our 1st Lieutenant. He is a rowing instructor and a advanced seamanship instructor also ensures that each parade night runs smoothly. He ensure that all of our cadets are happy and is there to support other staff members. Lt Dibben is known for training successful National Rowing teams. He is also responsible for ensuring that the new cadets thaat come to the unit are shown around and introduced to everyone at the unit. He knows a great deal of knowledge and passes this on in his classes when he is teaching.

Lt (SCC) R Musselwhite: Training officer

I have been an instructor for 25 years. My two sons are also in cadets and are enjoying it. I am a rowing instructor and also a piping instructor and assessor. With my experience I am able to support the new and younger members of staff also assisting in the teaching of the  Junior Cadets. My favourite part about being part of cadets is the fact that I am able to watch cadets progress and grow into fantastic young people.

 CPO (SCC) D Luce : Drill and Adventure training leader

CPO Luce has been an instructor for 17 years. He trained as a drill instructor and is now beginning to progress to be a Adventure Training instructor. CPO teaches the cadets and also has input with the senior cadets that are preparing for their advancement boards. CPO Luce has assisted with the rowing teams alongside Lt Dibben and they were  successful  at the National Regatta in 2015.

CPO D Sargent : Unit instructor

CPO Sargent supports cadets who are working towards their advancement boards he supports them by showing them how to deliver excellent lessons and how to carry out a good leadership task. When at the unit he is beginning to support the senior cadets with their peer educators and ensures that they feel happy before their courses.

PO (SCC) L Redding : Admin officer

I have been the admin officer since I was 18 and I now have a daughter in the Junior Cadets. PO Redding is qualified in meterology. She  is responsible for updating cadets achievements and will inform them and book them on any upcoming courses that they may be interested in. I am also qualified in Adventure Training.

PO (SCC) R Harper : First Aid instructor and SABS

PO Harper instructs first aid classes on a parade night. PO Harper is also responsible for booking and encouraging cadets to take part on SABS weekends. PO Harper is also qualified in Sailing, Power boating and rowing.

PO (SCC) N Evans : Junior Cadets instructor

I became a member of staff when I turned 18. When I was a cadet I worked my way up to be a Petty Officer Cadet. The opportunity came up for me to take on a small group of juniors which was a class of 12 now I am in charge for 26 juniors. I enjoy teaching juniors and alongside teaching them I am training to be a drill instructor. I really enjoy teaching all of the cadets and being involved as much as possible in the parade nights and competitions.

APO (SCC) M Ryan : Unit instructor

APO (SCC) L Patterson : Unit instructor

CI (SCC) A Musselwhite : Boating officer

CI (SCC) R Butler : Kayacking instructor

CI (SCC) S Croager : Unit instructor

SGT (RMCD) F Macaulay : RMCD instructor

SGT (RMCD) B Murley : RMCD instructor

SGT (RMCD) F Jackson : RMCD instructor

SGT (RMCD) B Ford : RMCD instructor

Mrs Maggie Luce


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