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As part of the Sea Cadets, Royal Marines Cadets (RMC) get to do all the exciting waterborne activities as well as branching off into serious adventurous training too. Specialising in things like orienteering, fieldcraft and weapon handling and taking part in training sessions across the country to test their navigational skills and challenge themselves as they work together as a team.


“ It’s about discipline, about taking with you our ethos and Corps values and applying them to everyday life with courage, determination and humility. And doing it with a sense of humour and a smile or two along the way!”


Royal Marines Cadets are based in Detachments which sit in Sea Cadet units, and across the UK there are 117.

You can join at 13 and can stay on till you reach 18, at which point you can think about whether you might want to be a volunteer. You can then teach what you have learnt to the youngsters coming up through the ranks.

The head of the RMC is the Staff Royal Marines Officer (SRMO), a serving Colour Sergeant on secondment to Sea Cadets from the Royal Marines. 

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