As an independent charity, but part of the national Sea Cadets, your support is vital to us.

We rely on the goodwill of our local community and businesses for financial support.

Sea Cadets welcome donations, large or small which can help provide opportunities for our cadets. Your donation can go straight to our Unit or via our branch teams which support lots of Units in a particular region or area. Or you can become a member of the national charity from just £25 a year.

A donation can:

  • - £20 will pay for a life jacket
  • - £50 can help pay for the heating of a unit
  • - £100 will pay for a new set of oars for a pulling boat
  • - £250 will send a Sea Cadet on a week's trip on flagship TS Royalist
  • - £1000 will help make vital health and safety upgrades for a Unit
  • - £2500 will buy a new boat for a unit - which will have a useful life of at least 25 years, serving hundreds and hundreds of cadets.

We welcome larger Corporate donations too and if you would like to find out more about how you can fund the work of the charity nationally please visit:

Support us

Being an individual charity here at Penzance, means that we have to fund everything we do ourselves.

There are many contributing costs to keep a Unit open, such as Utilities; Minibus Servicing, MOT's and Fuel; Stand Easy Tuck Shop Food; Recruitment Merchandise; Affordable Courses for Cadets; Boat Fuel; Insurance and Building Upgrades. 

The list is endless, and we need your support to continue!

Interested iN supporting us?

We welcome donations of any size, all of which go towards a good cause within our Unit. 

We also welcome any news or knowledge regarding Grants, Bursaries and Fundaraising Opportunities you may hear of.

Have something we could put to good use?

We don't just accept cash donations! If you feel that you have something that could aid our training, or help towards the building, minibus, or boats for example, then feel free to bring it down to us!


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Patron: HM The Queen
A charity registered in England and Wales 313013 and in Scotland SC037808