As an independent charity, but part of the national Sea Cadets, your support is vital to us.

We rely on the goodwill of our local community and businesses for financial support.

Sea Cadets welcome donations, large or small which can help provide opportunities for our cadets. Your donation can go straight to our Unit or via our branch teams which support lots of Units in a particular region or area. Or you can become a member of the national charity from just £25 a year.

A donation can:

  • - £20 will pay for a life jacket
  • - £50 can help pay for the heating of a unit
  • - £100 will pay for a new set of oars for a pulling boat
  • - £250 will send a Sea Cadet on a week's trip on flagship TS Royalist
  • - £1000 will help make vital health and safety upgrades for a Unit
  • - £2500 will buy a new boat for a unit - which will have a useful life of at least 25 years, serving hundreds and hundreds of cadets.

We welcome larger Corporate donations too and if you would like to find out more about how you can fund the work of the charity nationally please visit:

Mansfield Unit are continually putting effort and resources into raising funds, although the cadets contribute £2.00 per parade night this is still not enough to cover overheads and other hidden costs that are associated with running a unit. 

At present we lease the building from our local council, however we are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property, which can only be described as a huge effort due to the buildings age and constant deteriorating condition.  In order to keep the building 'fit for purpose' funds are required for installing insulation, general maintainance and general upkeep.  Pleasant surroundings offer a better environment for the cadets to learn and grow!

The unit is also in need of new equipment such as sailing boats and the associated equipment that comes with them.  The fleet of boats that we currently own are beginning to show their age and a number of our experienced sailors are ready to move on to larger boats, of which we do not have at the moment.  We are extremely competitive on the sailing circuit and last year we had a number of cadets represent the area in the National sailing championships.  Again to achieve these results and give the cadets the opportunities they deserve we are in desperate need of funds for the purchasing of this equipment.


We would be grateful of any donation that you could provide whether it be in the form of funds, equipment, or in the case of maintenance, manpower.  Anyone would be quite welcome to visit the unit to view the building and to see what the cadets do, prior to any donation you might consider.

Companies can get tax relief on gifts of money to charities and details relating to this can be found on the HMRC Website at the following link: 

All too often the young people of today get criticised for their bad behaviour and lack of commitment to society and to have such a worthwhile organisation within the area, and have a building fit for purpose, then this in turn encourages youngsters to come and join us.  This in turn keeps them off the streets and encourages them to become a more disciplined upstanding citizen which will benefit the community and the country in the long term.

If you have any further queries or questions regarding our funding please contact the unit on the number provided here: 


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