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Her Majesty the Queen

Commanding Officer

SLt (SCC) A. Blumenthal RNR

First Lieutenant

PO (SCC) I. Hedges

Executive Officer

PO (SCC) C. Worker

Unit Training Officer

PO (SCC) S. Hollis

Royal MarineS Cadet Detachment Commander

Sgt (SCC) T. Harmer

Officer in Charge Juniors

PO (SCC) S. Hollis



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Our unit operates in the following areas:

Dunstable, Houghton Regis, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding villages.

What WE Do?

Dunstable is one of the most land locked places in the United Kingdom, but we still spend most weekends in the summer on the water at Stewartby Lake, we have 12 sailing boats, from small to big and from slow to fast, 3 power boats, 2 rowing boats, kayaks and windsurfing boards.

We have many qualified instructors to teach all aspects of internationally recognised waterbourne qualifications.

We also parade on land 2 nights a week to qualify people up to BTEC level in engineering and seafaring qualifications and proficiencies.

We have access to several offshore vessels and a network of training bases and camps. We can provide bursaries for training.      

To Join

It costs Juniors and Cadets about £2.00 per session, there is 1 session for Juniors per week and 2 sessions for Seniors per week.

To become a Junior you need to be between 10 and 12 years old.

To become a Cadet you will need to be over 12. We have a Royal Marines Cadet Detachment and you need to be over 13 years old for this.

Adults are also welcome to get involved with helping out, either as a member of the unit's teaching staff or as a member of the unit committee.

Come along on one of our Friday parade nights to meet with the team.

One thing you can be sure of, is that at our unit there are lots of friendly faces waiting to welcome participants aboard. The officers and instructors are all highly trained to make sure every aspect of Sea Cadet life is enjoyed. Rest assured that while you will find activities that are thrilling, they will also be safe.

We also have a lot of experience with young people and special needs.

Why Join the Sea Cadets?

Because you want to have fun!

Because you want to want to get ahead in life

Because you want to learn new skills!

Because you want to gain self confidence in all that you do today and tomorrow

You want to be you, and be the best person you can. You don't have to be academic; you need to just turn up with a willing attitude and you will go as far you can.


Our outdoor training includes Adventurous Training and Challenge Pursuits, all forms of boating, camping. So you can impress your friends with new-found skills, make new shipmates and put your talents to the test.

We have an off-shore fleet comprising: several yachts, TS Royalist, and 2 power boats, where you can train for qualification and more importantly meet other people from all over the country making new friends for life.

Cadets have the opportunity to spend a week, often in school time (authorised as "educational leave") doing general training, at one of several Sea Cadet Training Centres: at SCTC Raleigh, SCTC Caledonia, SCTC Excellent and SCTC Weymouth.  

Onland activities include but are not limited to:

  • General training for advancement
  • Engineering
  • Seamanship and Seafaring
  • Navigation
  • Computer and information systems
  • Communications
  • Catering
  • Meteorology
  • Physical Training
  • Water Safety
  • First Aid
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • CVQO, Public Services
  • Drill
  • Camp-craft
  • Leadership


A Poem by Able Cadet Kayte Hollis

Sea Cadets

Sea Cadets is so much fun
There's lots you can learn about and lots to be done.

There's Juniors age 10-12 and Seniors age 12-18
but we also work together to have lots of fun.

From sailing to piping map reading to marching
there is something for everyone so come join the fun.

Organisation within the unit

For parade activities the cadets will be assigned to one of the divisions in the unit as follows:

Barham Division
Junior Sea Cadets
OiC Juniors - PO (SCC) S. Hollis

Sheffield Division
New Entry Cadets
Divisional Officer - PO (SCC) Z. Newell

Hood Division
Senior Cadets
Divisional Officer - PO (SCC) D. Atkins

Victory Division
Senior Cadets
Divisional Officer - CPO (SCC) L. Stamp

Leighton Buzzard Division
Senior Cadets
Divisional Officer - CPO (SCC) P. Leach

Ocean Division
Royal Marines Cadets
Detachment Commander - Sgt (SCC) T. Harmer

Divisional Officers are the first point of contact for cadets if they ever have a query or problem.

The divisions complete against each other annually for the divisional trophy.


Other Unit Staff

Administration Officer
UA M. Blumenthal

Stores Officer
CI L. Blumenthal

PO (SCC) P. Fensom
APO (SCC) S. Leach
CI C. Whittamore
CI S. Penney
UA D. Coulson
PCI S. Owen
UA N. Blumenthal


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