SCC Command Team

Commanding Officer

Lt Cdr (SCC) Joe Meadows RNR

Executive Officer

Lt (SCC) Sharon Meadows RNR    

First Lieutenant

PO (SCC) Jennie Nye 

Unit Training Officer  

CPO (SCC) Tony Easter

Unit Admin

Lt (SCC) Sharon Meadows RNR

PR Officer

Lt (SCC) Sharon Meadows RNR

OIC Juniors

PO (SCC) Jennie Nye

RYA Principal

Lt Cdr (SCC) Joe Meadows RNR

SCC Staff

Instructional Staff

CPO (SCC) Dean Harrington

PO (SCC) Simon Spillings

PO (SCC) Wendy Woodward - Stores

PO (SCC) Kevin Muffett

PO (SCC) Steve Collier

PPO (SCC) Alex Hale

PPO (SCC) Amy Walsh

PPO (SCC) Kirstey Shankster

PPO (SCC) Jade Snowden

PPO (SCC) Sophie Ralph

Mr Jack Thompson

Mr Keith Shuttleworth

Mr Jon Benest-Bartram



RMC Command Staff

Detachment Commander

Sgt (SCC) Martin Puddy

Detachment Sergeant Major

Sgt (SCC) Bill Cannon


Sgt (SCC) Mark Reeves

Sgt (SCC) John Harris

A/Sgt Kieran Keating

A/Sgt George Davis

PCI Charlie Folkard

Miss Emily Boor




RMC Staf

Headquarters Staff

Shooting Officer

C/Sgt (RMC) Roger Hemp

AT Officers

Sgt (SCC) Martin Puddy

CPO (SCC) Dean Harrington


Sgt (SCC) John Harris

Unit Management Committee 


Mr Jason Taylor




Mr Alf Muffett


Mrs Julia Pelham


Mrs Leanne Munro

Mrs Lynda Edwards

Mrs Jane Horton

Mr Andy Pitkin








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