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In 1955 Commandant General Royal Marines (CGRM) expressed a wish to form a Marine Cadet Section which could be incorporated into the Sea Cadet Corps. The Admiral Commanding Reserves agreed to sponsor the Marine Cadet Section. A Captain Royal Marines (Capt Toaze) was appointed to ACR as Staff Officer Royal Marines (Now Staff Royal Marines Officer - SRMO).

Director Royal Marine Forces Volunteer Reserve, now Royal Marines Reserves, was responsible to CGRM for the running, training and administration of the MCS which started with five detachments.  As an integral part of the SCC the MCS are short titled Marine Cadets. The title ‘Royal’ did not apply at that time.

By 1964 the MCS had grown to 40 detachments and by 1984 there were 61.

Today there are 117 detachments in Sea Cadet units across the UK.

In 2010 the MCS was honoured to be re-named Royal Marines Cadets, following agreement by HM the Queen to the use of “Royal” in the title. An official rebadging ceremony took place at CTCRM Lympstone on 25 September 2011

Alpha and Zulu companies provided a 48 man guard and two colours for the National Trafalgar Day Parade on Trafalgar Square on October 24 2011, the first time in the Royal Marines Cadets History.

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