information for parents/guardians:

Extra Training/Events

Whenever cadets are asked to attend an event or course other than on a normal parade night they will always be supplied with a Cadet’s Health Certificate and Parent’s Consent Form (called a T1). Cadets will not be accepted non events without this form. This form also contains medical and dietary information including details of medication. If a cadet brings medication that is not on the T1, whether it is prescribed or not, they will not be allowed to take it.
 Please inform us of any changes to update T1 Card.


Absent from Unit

Cadets are requested to mention time away from the Unit if known (eg family holiday). To fill out a request form (available from the Admin Office) and get it signed by their Divisional Officer.

If absent on a parade night (i.e. due to illness) please call the Unit on 0114 272 8772 and please leave a message if no one answers, stating cadet name and reason for absence.


Complaints and Grievance

Cadets/parents with complaints or grievances should take them to their Divisional or instructional staff. If the matter is of a serious nature they can go directly to the 1st Lt. Complaints will be dealt with thorough the chain of command and if necessary taken to the Commanding Officer.

Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns or problems with the CO. However, if parents are not satisfied they have the right to make a formal complaint. This should be sent in writing to the CO. The CO will make the Unit Chairman aware of the complaint. After the investigation a written response will be provided. If parents are not satisfied with the response to a formal complaint the matter can be referred to the District Officer. Complaints relating to the CO or Unit Chairman can be sent directly to the District Officer, though the unit should be copied.

It is worth noting that complaints or grievances taken to higher levels of authority in the Sea Cadet Corps are always sent back down the chain of command for action. Following the correct channels will always get a fair and prompt response, thank you. 


Unit Organisation:

Uniformed and non-uniformed volunteers staff the unit; the Captain of the SCC appoints all Sea Cadet instructional staff. Every staff member is vetted. 


Her Majesty the Queen

Unit Chairman

Mr John Holt

Officer in Charge

Petty Officer (SCC) Gary Chambers MBE

Executive Officer

Petty Officer (SCC) Chris J. Camps

Detachment Commander RMCD

Colour Sgt. (SCC) Philip Linley

Commanding Officer (CO) Responsible for the training and discipline of all members of the unit. He is also responsible for all aspects of safety in the unit.

First Lieutenant (1stLt) Second in command, the First Lieutenant directs the day-to-day operation of the unit by organising the duty, routine systems and managing the unitr. He administers discipline on behalf of the CO.

Unit Management Team (UMT) The legal, financial, the Unit Management Committee (UMC) looks after property and charity affairs of a Unit. This consists of local people elected at an Annual General Meeting. The members of UMC elect a Chairman, who becomes the Unit Chairman with wide-ranging responsibilities for the support of the Unit and the conduct of its affairs.
 NOTE: Parents/guardians are not allowed to sit on the UMC.
Only the CO and Chaplin uniformed staff may attend a UMC meeting.

Parents and Supporters Association (P&SA) This is a subcommittee of the UMC; its members are normally cadet’s parents/carers friends and relatives. The P&SA help raise funds/help with maintenance at the unit and generally lend a helping hand when needed, including runnung the NUTTY BAR

The P&SA is always on the lookout for new members, if you would like to assist contact the Commanding Officer.

The NUTTY BAR (naval term for the tuck shop) is operated by the P&SA. It sells sweets, cakes, crisps and drinks to the cadets during break periods. Profits help to buy equipment or help meet the unit’s costs.


Sea Cadet Values:

Whilst being a cadet brings many benefits, membership does bring responsibilities. We ask for certain standards of behaviour. Cadets have to live the Sea Cadets Values, these are.







Staff encourage cadets to adopt these values. Staff have to live up to the values also, they are expected to be thoughtful, professional, and caring in the way they behave. Uniformed staff have been interviewed both at a District and local level and are subject to a CRB check. The Sea Cadet Corps Code of Conduct lays down rules for staff behaviour.


When cadets finish their 'new entry' training, they will make the Sea Cadet promise:

I promise to serve my God, the Queen, my Country and the Sea Cadet Corps, and obey the orders of my superior officers.

I will be proud of my uniform, and be smart and seamanlike in wearing it, and always do my duty.


As well as the positive values listed above, some behaviour is not acceptable:

Bullying - can be emotional or physical, neither is tolerated and instances are firmly dealt with. Victims of bullying are encouraged to report it. 

Smoking - is not allowed on parade evenings. 

Alcohol - Cadets and Staff are not allowed to drink alcohol during Sea Cadet training. Anyone who arrives under the influence will not be allowed to participate in training. 

Drug abuse is not tolerated. In particular, trying to bring drugs into the unit or trying to persuade other cadets to use drugs will lead to dismissal from the unit. Parents and/or the Police will always be told of drug related incidents.




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